The View: Jesse Tyler Ferguson & Kate Gosselin Celebrity Wife Swap


The View February 26 2013

Recapo update: This episode’s recaps are online now.

The View is all new again on Tuesday, February 26 2013. With returning guest co-host Brooke Shields, the show will also feature Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Kate Gosselin. Plus, The View’s Hilarious Teachers contest continues all week long.


The View: Jesse Tyler Ferguson

The View: Jesse Tyler Ferguson & Kate Gosselin Celebrity Wife Swap

From Celebrity Wife Swap, Kate Gosselin is on The View February 26 2013. Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson will also be a guest on the show. (s_bukley /

From ABC’s #1 hit comedy, Modern Family, Jesse Tyler Ferguson will be on The View this week. He plays straitlaced lawyer Mitchell on the show, which is full of familiar but sometimes outlandish characters.

He also has a charity selling bow ties to raise money for marriage equality with his partner, Justin Mikita. The two got engaged in fall 2012 after dating for two years.


Do you think it would be easier to date someone in the public eye if you met them after they were famous, or if you knew them before they got big?

The View: Kate Gosselin Wife Swap

From the ABC reality series Celebrity Wife Swap, Kate Gosselin will be on The View this Tuesday, February 26 2013. I thought the premise of that show was that you had to trade places with a spouse. Didn’t Kate and Jon split up? Did she get remarried and not tell anyone?

Celebrity Wife Swap is airing Tuesday nights on ABC, so check back to find out who the other high profile wives will be on the series.

The View: Hilarious Teachers

All week long, Joy Behar and guest judge Mario Cantone are showcasing Hilarious Teachers in the “How Funny Are You?” competition. If you have ever known a teacher personally, you have probably heard some outrageous stories of out of control kids and bad classroom behavior. I’m hoping these teachers can deliver with great stories.

That’s all coming up Tuesday on The View. But if you miss a single moment, remember you can check back here to learn all about the guests and topics from the show.


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