The View: Jackie Hance I’ll See You Again Book & Roger Daltrey The Who


The View May 17 2013 Preview

Recapo Update – Here are the segments from today’s show:

The View: Arsenio Hall Is Making A Return To Late Night Television

The View: Roger Daltrey On The Who, Britain Tour, & Who Cares Charity

The View: Jackie Hance Was Suicidal & I’ll See You Again Review

Wayne Brady will be hosting “Guy Day Friday” this week. Musician Roger Daltrey, founder of English rock band The Who will be coming in. Jackie Hance, author of I’ll See You Again will be stopping by to discuss her new book and this week’s weight-loss success stories conclude.


The View: Jackie Hance I'll See You Again Book & Roger Daltrey The Who

Roger Daltrey will be coming in to The View tomorrow. (image credit: s_bukley /

The Who: Roger Daltrey

The founder of English rock band The Who will be on the show tomorrow. Known to be quite the brute within the band for using his fists to take control of the band’s direction, the lead singer was expelled from the band in 1965 after he beat up Who drummer Keith Moon for supplying drugs to band members Townshend and Entwistle. Roger Daltry has stated on numerous occasions that he has never done drugs like the other band members, so this is likely why that incident occurred.

His expulsion from the band didn’t spell the end of Roger Daltrey’s musical career, though. After he considered his behavior, the band put Daltrey back in a week later. Though there were other scuffles between Daltey and other band members to be had, The Who was a continued success. Daltrey’s solo music and acting career only added to his success.


Jackie Hance I’ll See You Again Review

Jackie Hance, who lost her three daughters in a tragic car accident that occurred when her sister-in-law was driving the wrong way down the Taconic parkway, is coming on The View tomorrow. It is probably safe to assume that she will be talking about what she went through after losing three daughters and how that inspired her to write her new book I’ll See You Again.


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