The View: ‘Glee’ Star Lea Michele & Supermarket Frozen Foods


The View March 6 2013

Recapo update: Here are the segments from this show.

On Wednesday, March 6 2013, The View is all new. Coming up on the show, from Glee, actress Lea Michele will be the ladies’ guest. Plus, supermarket expert Phil Lempert will share his advice. Plus, you know the women are going to be running down all the day’s hot topics on the show.


The View: Lea Michele Glee

The View: 'Glee' Star Lea Michele & Supermarket Frozen Foods

The View on March 6 2013 will feature a visit from Glee star Lea Michele and advice on supermarket frozen foods from consumer expert Phil Lempert. (Helga Esteb /

For four seasons, Lea Michele has starred as the idealistic Rachel Berry on the Fox teen drama Glee. Her character graduated and is now at college in New York City, a far cry from her small Ohio hometown.

Back in Ohio, the misadventures of the school’s glee club continue, with the show splitting its time between new students and graduates exploring new chapters of their lives. What does Lea Michele think about how the series has evolved, and what is next for her character as another year comes to an end?


Lea Michele will spill some Glee secrets on The View March 6 2013.

The View: Supermarket Frozen Foods

Supermarket expert Phil Lempert will also be on The View this Wednesday, March 6 2013. He will be sharing his advice on the best frozen foods you should stock up on during your next shopping trip. Find out what to look for when choosing frozen foods, and what advantages they might offer over fresh foods during certain times of the year.

For a long time, we were encouraged to eat only fresh vegetables, but that can be limiting due to the fact that many fresh foods are seasonal. More recently, experts have been changing their tunes, and now frozen foods seem to come highly recommended.

That’s coming up on Wednesday’s edition of The View, along with another Viral Video of the Day to share with your friends. Don’t miss it, but if you can’t watch live, we will have your recaps after the show.


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