The View: Dr Mehmet Oz, Dr Drew Pinsky & Ask The Lawyers


The View May 2 2013

Recapo update: Here are the segments from this show.

Comedian Debi Gutierrez is joining The View as a guest co-host on the May 2 show. The guest list includes medical perspectives and legal advice, with guests like Dr Oz and Dr Drew Pinsky. Here’s what the ladies will be talking about this Thursday.


The View: Dr Mehmet Oz

The View: Dr Mehmet Oz, Dr Drew Pinsky & Ask The Lawyers

The View’s May 2 show will feature advice from Dr Drew Pinsky, Dr Mehmet Oz, and answers in another Ask The Lawyers segment, with guest host Debi Gutierrez. (Featureflash /

Dr Oz has been dispensing medical advice daily with a daytime prescription for dieting and much more. He is chatting with the ladies about what he is up to this year and important choices you can make about your health and well-being.

Plus, for the Year of the Viewer, Dr Oz will be taking viewer questions on the show, so be sure to tune in and find out whether he answered one of your queries. You can also read our daily recaps of Dr Oz’s show to get details on his latest product finds and nutrition tips.


Dr Oz is a guest on The View’s May 2 show.

The View: Dr Drew Pinsky

Dr Drew Pinsky tends to find himself in the headlines due to his association with tabloid celebrities. But he is also a guest on The View’s May 2 edition. Does he have a new reality show coming up?

Maybe he can shed some light on the struggles of his Celebrity Rehab alumni, or maybe he is just coming on the show to have a good time. Check back and find out how his appearance went after the show.

The View: Ask The Lawyers

It’s not all medical speak on this show. You can get some legal opinions as well. Ask The Lawyers will tackle viewer-submitted questions about hot topics in the legal world. Maybe something relevant to your situation will be discussed. Who wouldn’t want free legal advice?

The View is new on May 2, so check back afterwards and get the recaps in case you miss anything.


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