The View: Debbie Reynolds Unsinkable & Kendra Wilkinson Splash


The View April 2 2013

Recapo update: Here is what you missed on The View.

The View is back with live episodes this week, and coming up on Tuesday’s show, get ready for Unsinkable author Debbie Reynolds, Kendra Wilkinson, and guest host Brooke Shields. That’s April 2 2013 on The View.


The View: Debbie Reynolds Unsinkable

The View: Debbie Reynolds Unsinkable & Kendra Wilkinson Splash

Legendary actress Debbie Reynolds will talk about her memoir on The View April 2. (RoidRanger /

For decades, Debbie Reynolds has been wowing audiences with her talents. Now, she is pulling back the curtain on a life of stories and surprises in a new memoir, Unsinkable. The incomparable Debbie Reynolds will be a guest on The View for Tuesday, April 2, and I’m hoping Barbara Walters is there, because she probably has the best frame of reference for Debbie’s entire body of work.

You can see Debbie Reynolds on Tuesday, April 2 on The View.


The View: Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson is really filling out her reality show resume this spring. After her time on E! series such as The Girls Next Door and her Kendra spinoff, I guess she has been looking for new opportunities to be on screen.

Recently, she was a participant in Celebrity Wife Swap. Now she is a contestant on the celebrity diving competition Splash, and she will be sharing her experiences with the ladies. Hopefully she dresses better than Louie Anderson did when he talked about Splash on The View.

You can see Kendra on The View April 2, and then watch her compete in Splash later that night on ABC.

The View: Brooke Shields

We know that at least one seat will be open on The View this fall after Joy Behar retires. Barbara Walters denied reports that she is stepping down, but you never know what could happen. With spots potentially opening up at the table, you have to start thinking of guest hosts as potential permanent replacements.

Keep that in mind when Brooke Shields returns as a guest host on The View for April 2 2013. Check back for full details on the day’s big segments after the show.


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