The View: Carol Burnett, Preacher’s Daughters & Carol Leifer


The View April 9 2013

It’s time for an all new episode of The View on Tuesday, April 9 2013. The guest list includes legendary comedian Carol Burnett, reality stars from the Lifetime series Preacher’s Daughters, and a comedy performance by Carol Leifer. Here are some reasons to set your DVR or pin this page before the episode.

The View: Carol Burnett

The View: Carol Burnett, Preacher's Daughters & Carol Leifer

The View April 9 2013 is a new show featuring comedian Carol Leifer, comedian/author Carol Burnett, and the cast of Lifetime’s Preacher’s Daughters. (s_bukley /


For 11 seasons, Carol Burnett and her co-stars created characters that were larger than life. But the comedy legend set out to be a writer. Now she is making that dream a reality by revisiting one of the largest trials of her lifetime: the loss of her daughter.

In a new book, Carrie and Me: A Mother-Daughter Love Story, Burnett revisits the story of her daughter, who lost a battle with cancer at age 38. The book is set for release on April 9 2013, the same day that Burnett will be talking with the women from The View.

The View: Preacher’s Daughters

Lifetime has another reality hit on its hands in the new series Preacher’s Daughters. This show follows three daughters of ministers who navigate life in the shadow of their parents’ religious influence.


There is a stereotype that children of religious figures are particularly rebellious, and it’s one the show hopes to exploit. You can find out more about what it has been like for the show’s stars when they are guests on The View April 9.

The View: Carol Leifer

Carol Leifer is a standup comedian who has been making audiences laugh for decades. Among her claims to fame is the legend that her life was the basis for the character of Elaine in Seinfeld, one of the most successful sitcoms in television history. She will be making an appearance in Joy’s Comedy Corner on Tuesday, April 9 2013.

For more on these topics and guests, be sure to check back here after the show for full details and recaps.


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