The View: Billy Ray Cyrus, Jane Seymour & Dr Wendy Walsh


The View April 18 2013

Recapo update: Here are the interviews from the show.

Remember Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman? It has been 20 years since that show premiered, and its star, Jane Seymour, has kept busy in the meantime. She is a guest on The View for Thursday, April 18 2013. Plus, Billy Ray Cyrus will appear, and Extra’s Maria Menounos is a guest co-host.


The View: Billy Ray Cyrus

The View: Billy Ray Cyrus, Jane Seymour & Maria Menounos

Billy Ray Cyrus will talk about his memoir, Jane Seymour previews her latest TV movie, and Maria Menounos guest hosts on The View April 18. (s_bukley /

It seems like you can’t turn around without bumping into some celebrity’s memoir lately. So it goes with Billy Ray Cyrus, famous as a country music one-hit wonder with “Achy Breaky Heart.” These days, he is better known as Miley’s dad, though I’m not sure how he will present himself in this new book.

The memoir is called Hillbilly Heart, which is clever for working in both his first name and a reference to his hit song. He will be sharing it with the ladies from The View on April 18.


The View: Jane Seymour

For six seasons and two TV reunion movies, Jane Seymour starred as Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman. Since then, she has been a fixture in made-for-TV movies on cable and had roles in series such as Modern Men and Smallville.

Next up, she is starring in ABC Family’s Lovestruck: The Musical, in which she portrays a successful Broadway dancer who sets out to prevent her daughter’s wedding. The movie premieres on April 21, but this Thursday, Seymour will be talking about it on The View.

The View: Maria Menounos

From Extra, guest co-host Maria Menounos will also join the ladies on The View April 18. She recently filled in for Kelly Ripa with her friend Michael Strahan, so her talk show hosting muscles should be in good shape. Be sure to tune in, or check back for recaps.


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