The View: Barbara Walters Returns & Regis Philbin Fox Sports Show


The View March 4 2013

Recapo update: Here is what happened on this episode of The View.

Monday, March 4 2013 is a big day for the ladies of The View. After more than a month off the air, Barbara Walters returns to the show she created, and you know it’s going to be a big celebration.


The View: Barbara Walters Returns

The View: Barbara Walters Returns & Regis Philbin Fox Sports Show

After a long time away, Barbara Walters is returning to The View March 4 2013, with guest Regis Philbin. (stocklight /

In January 2013, Barbara Walters was in Washington, D.C. for an inauguration event. She had a fall and wound up in the hospital. While she was being treated, doctors discovered that she had contracted chickenpox, which she had never had when she was a child.

That meant that she needed to take some time to relax and recover. She has been watching The View from home and has called in on the air a few times to give updates on her health and progress. This week, her exciting announcement was that she is ready to return to work.


You can watch Barbara make her big and anticipated return to the show on Monday, March 4 2013. It will be her first appearance on the show since January 18.

The View: Regis Philbin Fox Sports

Regis Philbin is back on The View to start off a new week. The big news surrounding Reege lately is that he is believed to be getting a new show with Fox Sports. The announcement is supposed to come on Tuesday, March 5, but can Regis keep the secret to himself? Or will he spill when confronted on The View?

Do you think he misses his morning gig on Live? He has been popping up with Rachael Ray quite a bit recently, so it makes sense that he is looking to return to TV on a regular basis.

The View: How Funny Are You? Hilarious Teachers

For a whole week, The View tested out Hilarious Teachers for the How Funny Are You? contest. Finally, on Monday, March 4 2013, a winner will be announced. That teacher will get to perform his or her full standup routine on The View.

Find out who it is, and get all the dish from the ladies on Barbara’s return, this Monday, March 4.


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