The View: Amanda Knox Waiting to be Heard & Zachary Quinto on Broadway


The View June 17 2013 Preview

The View has an exciting show coming up on June 17 2013. Zachary Quinto, the new Spock, is stopping by the set for the first time and then the ladies are inviting Amanda Knox on the show to talk about her amazing story.

Zachary Quinto: The New Spock

The View: Amanda Knox Waiting to be Heard & Zachary Quinto on Broadway

The View June 17 2013 are talking with Amanda Knox about her new book, Waiting to be Heard, and Zachary Quinto is heading to Broadway.
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Zachary Quinto stars as Spock in the new Star Trek movie, Star Trek into Darkness but that can’t prepare him for the time he will have on The View. For the first time Zachary Quinto is sitting down with The View to talk about what it was like working on the film, what it feels like to be the new Spock and what he has planned for the future.

Quinto is also performing in Tennessee Williams The Glass Menagerie this September through December on Broadway.

He is also going to be opening up about his relationship with fellow actor Jonathan Groff  and why he made a decision to come out of the closet instead of hide.


Amanda Knox: Waiting to be Heard Review

Amanda Knox is stopping by The View as well to talk about her new book Waiting To Be Heard, a personal account of her trial and conviction for murder of her flatmate while in Italy. The View are going to get a first hand account of the terrors she lived through and why she believes she was the one falsely accused of murder.

Her mother, Edda Mellas, is also stopping by the show to talk about her daughter’s trial from another perspective. She is going to relive the tragedy and open up about how helpless she felt while watching the trial of her daughter.

While it would be very difficult to have gone through what Amanda Knox went through, I can not imagine dealing with the sadness her mother felt.

Make sure to tune into The View June 17 2013 to see an exclusive interview with Amanda Knox and her mother and to find out what Zachary Quinto has planned for the future. If you miss any part of the episode, stop back at Recapo Monday afternoon for a complete recap of the episode.



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    Why would anyone believe anything Amanda Knox says? She gave three different alibis which all turned out to be false and repeatedly accused an innocent man of murder. The Italian Supreme Court recently confirmed Knox’s conviction for slander. She is a convicted criminal and a proven liar.

    If you want to understand why Amanda Knox was convicted of murder, I recommend reading the translation of the official sentencing report which can be downloaded from the Perugia Murder File website:

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