The View: Actor T.R. Knight & Magician Ricky Jay


The View April 11 2013

The View is new on April 11 2013. Get ready to catch up with actor T.R. Knight. Then, the hosts will be wowed by Ricky Jay, a magician who is practicing his sleight of hand on the show. Here is a look at what’s coming up on the show.

The View: T.R. Knight

The View: Actor T.R. Knight & Magician Ricky Jay

The View on April 11 2013 welcomes actor T.R. Knight, from The Good Wife, and magic tricks and illusions performed by Ricky Jay. (s_bukley /


You may remember T.R. Knight as George O’Malley, one of the original cast members on Grey’s Anatomy. Though he left the hit show in 2009 after a tumultuous character arc, he has kept busy on the stage since then.

More recently, he was a recurring guest star on CBS’s The Good Wife, playing a campaign strategist who clashed with Alan Cumming’s character. What else has he been up to lately?

He will surely have a project to share with the ladies on The View, and who knows what he has planned next? T.R. Knight is scheduled as a guest on The View for April 11 2013.


We will have to see if this pans out. Last week, his former co-star, Chandra Wilson, who is still on Grey’s Anatomy, did not end up appearing on the show, and was replaced by Courtney Love.

The View: Ricky Jay

A few weeks ago, the ladies from The View were bowled over by the illusions of mentalist Lior Suchard. I guess they decided that they liked being confused and amazed, because now magician Ricky Jay has landed a booking on the show as a guest.

You can see him showing off his skills for The View audience on Thursday, April 11 2013. But don’t expect him to show you how he pulls off his illusions. That would be breaking the magician’s code.

I think it’s refreshing that magic is still an area where you really have to work to have the effect ruined for you. I’m satisfied with simply knowing that more is going on than meets the eye.


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