Joy Behar Quits & Elisabeth Hasselbeck Fired From The View?


The View March 11 2013

Recapo update: Here are the segments from this episode.

The View has even more new shows in store next week, but the real stories seem to be unfolding behind the scenes. Monday’s guest list is slated to include Megan Hilty, Maura Tierney, Gilbert Gottfried, and Alan Thicke. But what about co-hosts Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck?


The View: Joy Behar Quits The View

Joy Behar Quits & Elisabeth Hasselbeck Fired From The View?

The View Monday March 11 2013 may address changes on the show, including the departure of Joy Behar. Plus, is Elisabeth Hasselbeck fired from the show? (s_bukley /

Joy Behar announced this week that she is leaving The View in August 2013, after 16 1/2 seasons on the show. She has been a part of the panel since the show’s premiere in 1997, and she told Good Morning America and others that she is ready for a change.

Meanwhile, the rumor mill is abuzz with gossip that Elisabeth Hasselbeck is also out the door after the season concludes in August. According to US Weekly, she was unpopular in market research conducted about the show.


The View: Elisabeth Hasselbeck Fired?

Joy’s departure is set in stone and has been confirmed by ABC, but the network is not commenting on the Hasselbeck rumors. Since the Friday episode was taped before any of this news broke, none of it could be addressed on the March 8 show.

Maybe we will get some clarification when the ladies reassemble on Monday, March 11. One thing is certain: all these rumors are sure to shake up the ratings, which may be exactly what The View had in mind.

With Joy out the door, Elisabeth in limbo, and Barbara Walters always looking to decrease her role on the show, what fresh faces would you like to see on the panel this fall? I like the idea of Meghan McCain as a conservative replacement for Elisabeth. Tell me your ideas in the comments.

The View: Megan Hilty Smash Review

From the NBC musical drama Smash, Megan Hilty will be a guest on The View March 11 2013. She will talk about what is in store as the show continues its second season. Have you been watching this year? What do you think of all the changes made to the show?

The View: Maura Tierney The Good Wife

Maura Tierney is very busy lately. The former ER and NewsRadio star is back on TV in a guest role on The Good Wife. Plus, she is starring opposite Tom Hanks on Broadway starting this month.

Tierney’s Broadway debut in Lucky Guy is also the final play written by the late Nora Ephron. That should give Tierney a lot to talk about Monday, March 11 on The View.

The View: Celebrity Wife Swap

From ABC’s Celebrity Wife Swap, Alan Thicke and Gilbert Gottfried will be on The View to promote their episode, in which they trade lives for a week. Find out what they learned along the way on The View.


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