The View’s Year of The Viewer: Sherri Shepherd Salsa Dancing Lessons


The View: Sherri Shepherd On Dancing With The Stars

The View's Year of The Viewer: Sherri Shepherd Salsa Dancing Lessons

Sherri Shepherd got some salsa dancing lessons on The View May 20 2013. (s_bukley /

Last year, Sherri Shepherd was on Dancing With The Stars and did quite well, becoming one of the most shocking eliminations from the show when her and her partner Val Chmerkovskiy performed a tango that wasn’t quite up to snuff. Well, a year later, it looks like Sherri still hasn’t shaken all of her desire to dance out of her system, and to kick of this week’s “Year Of The Viewer,” Sherri invited her next door neighbors (who happen to be View-ers), Guy and Dawn Balzano, over for a little dance practice. With her husband in tow, Sherri booked the entire Dance With Me Soho Studio for an entire day to get some more help from Louis Van Amstel, a professional choreographer, on how to salsa.


The View: Sherri Shepherd Gets Her Salsa On

Sherri Shepherd’s husband was not too keen on doing salsa of any kind. He says he’s got bad knees, back, and all sorts of other ailments that make him want to sit down and stay still rather than stand up and move around. Next door neighbor Guy seemed to not have two left feet, but feet that just kind of did whatever they wanted to, making footwork quite a chore. Sherri’s husband doubted that there was any African-American lineage in any of Guy’s history, poking yet more fun at the poor sod’s footwork (reasons I don’t ever dance ever number 2,324,324,324—the immeasurable amount of mocking).

The View: Sherri Shepherd Salsa Dancing

After an entire day’s worth of practice, the couples made an attempt at doing the salsa to music. With some fancy camera work and music to distract us, I almost didn’t notice my comrade in the No Dancing Ability party continuing to screw up. I have to give him props on trying salsa for the first time on national television, though.


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