The View: Josh Groban “I Believe” Performance & All That Echoes Album


The View: Josh Groban Performs “I Believe”

Josh Groban has found yet more success with new album All That Echoes, and he came to The View to perform a new song off the album, “I Believe.”

I really didn’t know what to expect from Josh Groban since I had never heard of him before, but his performance was very good. The string section, back up chorus and his excellent voice added a certain level of grandeur and showmanship to the performance that you don’t really expect to see on a daytime talk show. As for the song itself, “I Believe” was also quite good, with heartfelt lyrics that seemed to come not from a desire to just put another album out that had “Josh Groban” written on the cover, but from experience.


The View: Josh Groban "I Believe" Performance & All That Echoes Album

Josh Groban performed his single I Believe off his new album All That Echoes. (image credit: s_bukley /

Josh Groban: In the Round Tour Fall 2013

Barbara Walters, after seeing Josh Groban perform, officially dubbed herself a “Grobanite,” an endearing slang term used to describe his fans. She, along with the rest of you Grobanites out there, will be quite pleased to hear that Josh Groban will be kicking off a tour starting this fall called “In the Round.” All of the performances on the tour will share a specific aesthetic trait; the stage will be a 360-degree circle and it will sit right in the middle of the arena. The tour will encompass 20 cities, starting in Boise, Idaho and ending in Dallas.

Josh Groban: Stevie Wonder Fan

Josh Groban draws a lot of inspiration from Stevie Wonder that shines through in a lot of his music.


“Nobody writes about love better than him,” Josh said, “he just gets the light and the dark of everything that has to do with love.”

Everyone in the audience got a little something extra today in addition to the expected copy of his new album, All That Echoes. Each audience member also got a pair of tickets to his In the Round tour!


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