The View: How Funny Are You? Hilarious Teachers Standup Competition


The View: The Year of the Viewer

All throughout the year, The View is celebrating what it calls The Year of the Viewer by paying tribute to the show’s audience. This week, the question is: how funny are you? This time around, teachers are competing for the chance to perform a standup routine on Joy’s Comedy Corner.

The View: How Funny Are You?


The View: How Funny Are You? Hilarious Teachers Standup Competition

The View’s How Funny Are You? competition shone a spotlight on teachers, with a Toronto art teacher sharing memories of a recent getaway vacation.

Helping to judge the entrants on Monday’s episode were Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, and Mario Cantone. (Apparently the vacationing Sherri Shepherd will be judging upon her return, in Whoopi’s place.) The first contestant was Lianne Mauladin, a high school art teacher from Toronto, Canada.

The View: Canadian Standup Routine

What did Lianne have to talk about in her standup? She started with a story about vacationing with another teacher, who advised her, “You should always wear closed-toed shoes when you fly, because if the plane crashes, you won’t cut your feet on the rubble.”


Her co-worker is smart, but is prone to mispronunciation, such as “Montessori’s revenge.” She also talked about what defines shyness when you are vacationing near a clothing-optional resort.

The View: Lianne Mauladin Standup Review

What did the judges think? Whoopi said the material was appropriate for any audience. Her advice was that Lianne should loosen up.

Joy Behar actually suggested getting a little more edgy, “but you were funny.”

Mario Cantone said “it was a little too squeaky clean for me,” but thought she was a natural.

We will get the chance to see more funny teachers all week long, and a winner will be chosen and given a showcase to show her or his stuff on The View in a future episode. I’m not sure whether we will get to help vote for a winner, but if the first day is any indication, there are more funny teachers just waiting in the wings.


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