The View: Hilarious Teachers & Joy Behar’s How Funny Are You? Contest


The View: Funny Teachers

The View is continuing a Year of the Viewer and that includes the How Funny Are You? contest. Joy Behar is searching for the funniest teachers from The View audience, and she invited five educators to share their stuff on the show, including today’s Hilarious Teachers contestant, Therese Comore.

The View: How Funny Are You?

The View: Hilarious Teachers & Joy Behar's How Funny Are You? Contest

The View continued its How Funny Are You? search for hilarious teachers by showcasing a Michigan middle school reading teacher with some sharp observations.


The judges included Sherri Shepherd, Joy Behar, and Mario Cantone. The contestant of the day was Therese Comore, who teaches reading for Michigan middle school students.

The View: Detroit Middle School Comedy

Therese took the stage with energy and spirit, dedicating her routine to teachers. Since she teaches in an urban area, she said that people often ask if she has been shot. “I don’t even get out of bed without an AK and a flak jacket,” she said.

She said she knows that students are too old to be in middle school if they are fighting teachers for parking spots. Then she said that the names are getting weirder and weirder, and she finds herself naming off supermarket products, like Aquanet, Fresca, and Hormel.


The View: Hilarious Teachers Review

So how did Therese do? She said that she took The View’s online personality test, and her result was Elisabeth. But what did the judges have to say about her performance?

Sherri said she liked that Therese put a new spin on the idea of race and names. Joy Behar said that she came across as amiable and had “a killer set.” Mario Cantone called her “tremendous” and said that she was a natural.

“You got laughs on a shooting joke,” he said. “That’s how accessible and likeable you are.”

It sounds like the judges loved her, but I’m still not sure how they are going to decide the winner. Is there an online vote? I guess we’ll just have to keep watching to find out. So far, she seems like the front runner of the two contestants this week. What did you think of her material?


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