The View: Harry Connick Jr Performance & Barbara Walters Throws a Pot


The View: Harry Connick Jr Performs “Every Man Should Know”

Harry Connick Jr. performed the title track from his newest album, Every Man Should Know.

The song was amazing. It was quite the love song. It told of how man can not always do the things he wants, like build the home of his dreams or write love songs, but every man should know how to love and care for a women. It really is a beautiful song.


The View: Barbara Walters Learns to Throw a Pot

The View: Harry Connick Jr Performance & Barbara Walters Throws a Pot

The View listened to Harry Connick Jr perform Every Man Should Know and Barbara Walters learned how to throw a pot (make a clay pot).

I think The View is preparing Barbara Walters so life after she retires from the show because they have been teaching her all these new talents. At least they are giving her some new skills so she find another job after TV.

Anyways, today Barbara was learned how to throw a pot, which is an old English term for making pottery. The View brought on owner of Mud, Sweat and Tears Pottery, Robert Divian, to show her how it is done.


The View: How To Throw A Pot

Although he said the process is pretty difficult to master, Barbara Walters was actually pretty good at it. The following are the four steps to making a clay pot on a pottery wheel:

  1. Dropping the Hole – Keep you hands on  the side of the clay and form a hole in the center with your thumbs.
  2. Open the Hole – Spread your hands apart and cross your index fingers. Allow the rest of your fingers to hang along the side of the bowl as your place your crossed index fingers in the middle of hole. This will create a nice bottom on the pot.
  3. Lift the Pot – With your fingers in the same position, gently bring the sides higher.
  4. Shape the Pot – Bring your fingers to the edges of the pot to shape it as wide as you would like.

You are going to have to tune into The View in two week to find out what the pot looks like after it is glossed and put in the kiln.


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