The View: Edie Brickell & Steve Martin “Love Has Come For You” & Banjo


The View: Steve Martin & Edie Brickell

Steve Martin has quite the resume, from comedy and acting to writing and even a Grammy Award. Edie Brickell, of the 1980s band New Bohemians, has been married to fellow musician Paul Simon for more than 20 years. Now Martin and Brickell have teamed up on a collaborative album.

The View: Edie Brickell & Paul Simon

The View: Edie Brickell & Steve Martin "Love Has Come For You" & Banjo

On The View, Edie Brickell and Steve Martin discussed their creative process on the banjo-based album Love Has Come For You, and performed the title song. (s_bukley /


Together, the pair has put out a new album called Love Has Come For You. Martin and Brickell’s passion project started when they both attended Paul Simon’s birthday party.

Brickell suggested that she and Martin, a banjo player and songwriter, write some songs together. Now it has turned into a full album.

As for Brickell, she said that she tries to work separately from her husband and find her own inspiration. “Asking somebody to help you create is like asking someone to salt your food for you,” she said.


The View: Edie Brickell Lyrics

Martin called Brickell’s work “home grown,” and everyone agreed that she has a different style than her well-known and talented husband. Brickell’s big hit was “What I Am,” which she followed up with nine albums.

That’s why Sherri Shepherd thought it was weird that she was nervous about working with Martin. Brickell explained that she has a habit of improvising during the creative process. Martin said the two of them are both shy, so it took them a bit to find a groove with each other.

The View: Steve Martin Emotional Banjo

They ended up working separately on their parts of the project. Martin would write a banjo melody, while Brickell came up with lyrics.

Steve Martin said that the banjo can be very emotional. Though it is often played fast, “I’ve always felt it has this heart of America in it, and it can be very melancholy,” he said.

The View: Love Has Come For You

Martin and Brickell took The View stage, playing their album’s title track, “Love Has Come For You,” with the Steep Canyon Rangers. Martin is something of a renaissance man; banjo is not the first instrument I think of in popular music, but he manages to make it fully present without it overpowering the ensemble or Brickell’s vocals.

I’m surprised to say I find myself interested in listening to more of their work together. What do you think of this pairing?


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