The View Comedy Special: Earthquake On Obama & Kathleen Madigan WebMD


The View Comedy Special

The View co-hosts dedicated their Friday show to making us laugh by showcasing some of their favorite standup comedians. Each host picked a favorite, and most viewers probably heard someone they’d never known before. Earthquake and Kathleen Madigan were among the day’s performers.

The View: Earthquake Standup Comedy

Whoopi Goldberg introduced her choice, Earthquake, whom she said is fearless on stage. Earthquake said that his mother would be very happy to see him on The View.


Earthquake said that he moved from Washington, D.C. to Los Angeles and considered faking his own death to get out of paying his taxes. He said that he was proud to vote for Barack Obama, but “this ain’t the change I voted for.”

The View: Earthquake On Barack Obama

The View Comedy Special: Earthquake On Obama & Kathleen Madigan WebMD

The View focused an entire day on standup comedy, and each host picked a favorite comedian to showcase, including Kathleen Madigan and Earthquake. (s_bukley /


Earthquake was prepared to stand in line for a long time at the polls, and he brought every piece of identification he could think of. He said that black people love Obama, but they do not always agree with his policies, like bank bailouts.

“You ain’t got no money, you ain’t a bank no more. I learned that in Monopoly,” he said, before pointing out that Barack Obama was a better choice than Al Sharpton.

After his set, Goldberg recalled meeting Earthquake at the Aspen Comedy Festival, and won Whoopi over with a joke about Osama Bin Laden after 9/11.

The View: Kathleen Madigan WebMD

Joy Behar’s pick for the comedy episode was Kathleen Madigan, who was offended when Jay Leno called her one of the funniest female comedians. She said her New Year’s Resolution was to stop self-diagnosing herself using WebMD.

“Last year, I had ankle cancer for awhile. Then I had exploding eyeballs. I didn’t even know you could have that,” she said. “Then, in November, I had sickle cell anemia, which was extra alarming.”

The View: Kathleen Madigan Parents

Kathleen said her parents are getting into their 70s, but sometimes she forgets that they are getting older. Her veteran nurse mother carries loose pills in her purse, and may have mistakenly given her a blood pressure pill instead of something for headache relief.

Her parents also changed all the light bulbs to save energy, which freaked Kathleen out the first time she visited after that. This was inspired by Al Gore’s calls for climate change, but Kathleen’s father said that he did not care about saving the polar bears, since he couldn’t see anything anywhere.

Somehow, the family computer got switched into Portuguese, and no one knew how to fix it. Kathleen said that she came from a big family, which helped take some of the pressure off of her.

Joy Behar said that WebMD convinced Kathleen to quit smoking. Her friends suggested yoga to help her kick the habit, but that just made her lazy. Madigan is currently on tour across America.


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