The View Comedy Showcase: Retha Jones & 10-Year-Old Leroya Sanford


The View: Retha Jones Standup Comedy

For The View’s Comedy Showcase, Sherri Shepherd introduced another comedian to entertain the audience, Retha Jones. Later, young Leroya Sanford performed for the audience, after Elisabeth Hasselbeck saw her on YouTube.

The View: Retha Jones Gas Prices & Fur

Sherri explained that she and Retha Jones came up together 20 years ago in the standup comedy scene. Jones took the stage to share her own perspective on life and comedy.


Retha said she did not care for the weather, but could not wear fur around the city for fear of PETA. Her opinion is that animals should run faster if they don’t want to be captured.

The View Comedy Showcase: Retha Jones & 10-Year-Old Leroya Sanford

The View’s day of comedy featured Retha Jones, who shared her thoughts on gas prices and aging, and 10-year-old Leroya Sanford on her parents’ relationship.

She lives in LA, where gas is unbelievably expensive. After capturing Saddam Hussein and the hunt for Bin Laden, Jones said she thinks “gas should be free for America for the next hundred years.”


The View: Retha Jones Smart Cars

Retha Jones said she does not care for Smart Cars, which she suspected are made by Fisher Price. They are an unflattering look, especially for grown men.

However, she did get cut off like a Smart Car on the LA freeway, but she said she pulled up next to him and kicked his car.

The View: Retha Jones Cougar

Jones turned 50 last year, which she is planning to do again in 2013. Her feet are starting to crack, and she has given up on having children at her age. “My breastmilk got to be way past the expiration date,” she thought.

Retha said she is single and trying to play up her status as a cougar. But she said she is not in good enough shape to keep up with the young men. “I’m a lady in the street and asleep in the bed,” she said.

Sherri Shepherd recalled trying to set Retha up with men in the old days, but Sherri’s taste never seemed to coincide with Retha’s interests. She said that her exes tend to get married to other women soon after breaking up with her.

The View: Leroya Sanford Standup

Leroya Sanford is a YouTube star who has been performing standup since age four. Now she is 10, and she took The View stage by storm. She suggested that women not brush their daughter’s hair when they are mad at their boyfriend or husband.

Sanford asked her mother why she puts so much makeup on her eyes and buys so many exercise videos, which she just watches from the bed while eating snacks.

The View: 10-Year-Old Leroya Sanford

Leroya said that guys should not be cheap like her father is. He tried to buy the cheapest thing in the store, “so the sales lady handed him a mirror.”

Sanford said she thinks Michelle Obama is the real reason her husband got re-elected. She can’t believe that Michelle sacrificed her own high-paying career so Barack could be president.

Sanford is definitely going places. She has amazing presence at a very young age, and I suspect we will be hearing a lot more from her. She ends every performance with the phrase, “Every minute spent angry is 60 seconds of happiness wasted.”


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