The View: Amy Grant How Mercy Looks From Here & “If I Could See”


The View: Amy Grant Performs “If I Could See”

Six-time Grammy winner Amy Grant, The Queen Of Christian Music, is releasing her first album in 10 years with How Mercy Looks From Here. She came to The View to perform a single off the album, “If I Could See.”

The View: Amy Grant How Mercy Looks From Here & "If I Could See"

Amy Grant performed “If I Could See” off her new album, How Mercy Looks From Here. (Featureflash /


After seeing the performance, it is clear that Amy Grant still has it after all these years. Though the performance at first seemed to be lacking energy and enthusiasm, it soon became apparent that the emphasis was on Amy’s strong songwriting skills and not any bombast on the stage that was occupied by Amy and a small, modest backing band composed of bongos, two guitars—one played by Amy and the other by her backup singer, and a keyboard player.

The View: How Mercy Looks From Here Review

After the performance, Amy Grant filled us in on what took her so long to get back in the studio and release something new, which Amy chalked up simply to “life.” Her daughters have been growing up and are now in their 20s, her parents died, and getting older allowed her to gain a little more wisdom to infuse into her songs.

How Mercy Looks From Here is a very personal album for Amy Grant, and Amy said she had a lot of time to collect stories from life. To Amy, singing is just storytelling unfolding in around three minutes.


Amy is married to country musician Vince Gill, whom she says she will bounce ideas off of sometimes. In fact, when she was home yesterday, Vince got choked up while singing her a song he had recently written, which just goes to show how well marriage is apparently going for the two artists.

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