The View: Whoopi Goldberg Medical Marijuana & Justin Bieber Overalls


The View: Justin Bieber Fashion

The View co-hosts love to dissect the day’s hot topics. After weighing in on the Chris Brown Jenny Johnson Twitter feud, they moved on to Justin Bieber and medical marijuana.

Justin Bieber wore a backwards cap and overalls to accept an award from Canada’s prime minister. Some are saying he should have chosen a more respectful outfit for the occasion. When he met President Barack Obama, he wore a tuxedo.


The View: Justin Bieber Overalls

The View: Whoopi Goldberg Medical Marijuana & Justin Bieber Overalls

The co-hosts discussed whether medical marijuana should be legalized in New York, with tax revenues going to offset the cost of Hurricane Sandy recovery.

Justin’s defense is that the ceremony took place in the middle of a concert rehearsal, and that’s what he happened to be wearing at the time. Elisabeth Hasselbeck said that people should cut him some slack.

Sherri Shepherd suspected that Prime Minister Stephen Harper was not offended by the situation, and Whoopi said that he is a cool guy. Justin Bieber is a Canada native, so Whoopi suggested that everyone give him a break. I’d suggest that no one ever take fashion advice from Whoopi.


The View: Hurricane Sandy New York Medical Marijuana

Hurricane Sandy is going to cost New York taxpayers a lot of money as the recovery continues. This has led medical marijuana supporters to call for the legalization of pot in New York, which they claim would generate hundreds of millions of dollars annually in taxes and license fees.

In the November 2012 elections, Colorado and Washington legalized pot for recreational use. Currently, medical marijuana has been legalized by 18 states. Pot is believed to be effective for treating pain from chemotherapy and other conditions.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck said that she is concerned about prescription drugs getting into the hands of young people. She worries that this would be abused as well. Joy Behar said she prefers vodka.

The View: Whoopi Goldberg Medical Marijuana

Whoopi Goldberg said that marijuana is no different than alcohol. But Elisabeth said it’s hard to measure how intoxicated a marijuana smoker is at a given time. I think Whoopi is speaking from personal experience when she says that pot smokers don’t tend to get high and drive.

She said that she uses medical marijuana for glaucoma, and since she could explain what it was, I guess I will believe her. Whoopi believes that legalizing medical marijuana is something New York should consider.

What do you think about changing marijuana laws? What are the laws in your state?


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