The View: George Zimmerman Trial & Did Amanda Bynes Throw A Bong?


The View: Dan Abrams, Jamie Colby, and Mary Ann Gunn Comment On Big Cases

Trayvon Martin, Michael Jackson, and Amanda Bynes are three big names in the world of crime recently, and The View brought on ABC’s legal analyst, Dan Abrams, attorney and Fox News anchor Jamie Colby, and Judge Mary Ann Gunn of Last Shot With Judge Gunn to weigh in on these headlining cases. 

The View: George Zimmerman Trial Jury Selection

The View: George Zimmerman Trial & Did Amanda Bynes Throw A Bong?

George Zimmerman’s defense will have to carefully choose their defense if they want to win. (Ira Bostic /


George Zimmerman is going on trial for the murder of Trayvon Martin next Monday, and last week, a Florida judge denied the defense team’s request to be able to bring up Trayvon’s past use of marijuana use, suspensions from school, and other offenses. Jamie Colby corrected that, saying that the judge only said that the defense team couldn’t use this background information in opening statements, but they could rebut if the prosecuting attorney’s started talking about Trayvon as an angel.

All three agreed that the defense knew this wouldn’t make it in, and that they were just trying to even the odds in the wake of George Zimmerman’s negative press. Also, they ultimately will try to see if George Zimmerman truly felt threatened due to his use of deadly force. In choosing the jury for this case, Dan Abrams said that the sides will be looking for subtleties in the answers of potential jurors to see who is more likely to side with them.

The View: Did Amanda Bynes Throw A Bong Out Of Her Window?

Amanda Bynes was arrested two weeks ago on accusations of throwing a bong out of her window that almost hit police. However, Amanda has said that she was wrongly accused and harassed by the officers. Since Mary Ann Gunn works on a lot of drug cases, she spoke first by immediately saying that she thinks Amanda Bynes is on drugs. The first thing she would do with her trial is test her for drugs and put her in jail to sober up if she tested positive.


Amanda Bynes’s parents want to take control of her finances and other aspects of her life, but Dan Abrams said that it is unlikely that it will happen, because the courts have to prove that Amanda is a danger to herself, which is not easy to do, even if she did tweet that she is getting a second nose job because her first one didn’t look good in her mug shot.

The View: Michael Jackson’s Family Vs AEG Live

In the ongoing Michael Jackson trial, the fronts have now shifted to a battle against his family and a concert promoter, AEG Live, who the Jackson family is responsible for Michael’s death because they are the ones that hired Conrad Murray, the doctor who was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in Michael Jackson’s death. Dan Abrams thinks the whole thing is ridiculous, and Mary Ann Gunn thought that the family needs to just bury Michael Jackson already and celebrate his legacy.

The View: Pippin Comes To Broadway

Pippin, a classic musical about a young man trying to figure out who he is, has been revived on Broadway and has received rave reviews and 10 Tony Award nominations, including best revival of a musical. Patina Miller, who plays the Leading Player, and Matthew James Thomas, who plays Pippin, came on The View to perform a song from the production, “On The Right Track.”

The View: Pippin Preview

I’ve never seen the original Pippin, so it’s hard to say if there were any modernizations made to the production, but if there were, it would be hard to tell. Over a swinging orchestral jazz score, Patina Miller and Matthew James Thomas performed “On The Right Track,” a song about finding your way in life without thinking about it too much, even if what’s behind you looks positively bright compared to the potential blackness laid in front of you.

The singing from Patina Miller was top notch, while Matthew Thomas did a serviceable job of singing his parts. It was for this reason that it seemed pretty obvious why Patina had a lot more singing to do than Matt did.


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