The View: Brad Pitt’s Small Circle Of Friends & Mothers In New York Schools


The View: Brad Pitt Keeps Only A Small Circle Of Friends

Brad Pitt was on the cover of the most recent issue of Esquire Magazine. In the interview, Brad mentioned that he doesn’t really have a lot of friends, just a few close friends. Despite this, however, Brad said that he has never been happier. The women seemed to understand him.

The View: Brad Pitt's Small Circle Of Friends & Mothers In New York Schools

The View discussed Brad Pitt’s small circle of friends. (Helga Esteb /


They all seemed to think that men don’t need a lot of friends because they don’t have a lot to talk about like women do. While women absolutely need their girlfriends, men don’t absolutely need their circle of friends. In fact, Pamela Silva, who was co-hosting today, suggested that if a man does have a circle of friends that it might be a bad thing because then it can take their focus off the relationship or marriage.

The View: Wealthy New York Mothers Don’t Want To Go To School Events For Their Children

Another topic the cast covered was a story in New York City, where expensive private schools are scolding mothers for sending their nannies to events like bake sales, open houses, and other school events that mothers traditionally attend. One mother said that she already pays $40,000 a year for their child to go to that school (holy crap!), and they don’t want to have to work for them, too.

Most of the cast agreed that the parents should not be looking at thee extra activities that they are expected to participate in as another job, but an act of solidarity between mother and child. These parents are paying all of this money to have their children educated, shouldn’t they be involved in more than just writing a check? More than that, children miss their mothers when they are not around, and the mother should be there for them in not just the home life, but the school life as well.



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