The View: Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor Adrianne Haslet-Davis


The View: Boston Marathon Bombings

Adrianne Haslet-Davis was celebrating Patriots’ Day with her husband at the Boston Marathon this year when the bombs went off at the finish line. Adrianne, a professional dance instructor, had to have her foot amputated due to her injuries.

The View: Adrianne Haslet-Davis

She and her husband were on The View via satellite from the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital. Barbara Walters didn’t know what to say to the victim, who was bravely smiling.


The View: Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor Adrianne Haslet-Davis

On The View, Adrianne Haslet-Davis spoke from her hospital bed about losing her foot during the Boston Marathon bombings, and her plans for recovery.

“I’m coping by having such wonderful friends and family around me, and making sure that I’m surrounding myself with positive people and amazing therapists, and just trying to work through day by day,” she said.

Adrianne said she will eventually have a prosthetic, once she is a little further along in her recovery. Her husband was also wounded in the marathon by shrapnel from the explosions, mostly in his lower legs.


The View: Adrianne Haslet-Davis Recovery

Part of his foot was blown off, and he is also taking a slow approach to recovering from the injuries. The couple does get to see one another each day during this process. It’s impressive that she is so positive and upbeat about things, considering what she has been through in the past couple weeks.

Adrianne said her husband returned from Afghanistan just over a month ago. They were observing the marathon and festivities when the bomb went off. They knew right away that something was terribly wrong.

The View: Boston Bombing Victim Recovery

She has goals to return to the dance floor and run Boston again in the future. It’s inspiring to see that she will not let this tragedy keep her down.

After her surgery, her mother was the one who had to give her the bad news that she lost her foot. An entire day had passed, which she spent under anesthesia and in surgery. Adrianne admitted breaking down when she first heard the news, but she was glad to have her parents there for support.



  1. Diane Clark says

    To Adrianne Haslet -Davis & husband, you two are the epitome of everything that is right in this world. I admire you sooo much!! I’m wishing you both all the very best!

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