The View: ABC News’ David Muir Guest Host & Moving On From High School


The View: David Muir, Guy Day Friday Co-Host

ABC World News weekend anchor David Muir was the male co-host today on The View. Other than his good looks, Muir brought gifts from his coverage of the Presidential Inauguration. He made sure all of the things he bought were made in America to support our country and local businesses. He bought Inauguration onesies, sweatshirts, teddy bears, golf balls and blankets that were made in the U.S.A.

New York Magazine: Moving On From High School

The View: ABC News' David Muir Guest Host & Moving On From High School

An article in New York Magazine said that it’s getting harder to get past the high school years thanks to technology.


An article in New York Magazine said that high school is now following people long after graduation. Thanks to the Internet and social media, moving on from high school is getting much harder. It said that high school shapes who you become as an adult because it’s when you establish your personal freedoms. For some, high school isn’t the best days of their lives, so this may not be the best news.

Joy Behar said that her high school experience was great because she went to an all-girls high school. This meant Joy was the top dog and had no boys to compete with for attention and offices.

Whoopi Goldberg dropped out of school at a young age. She said the fact that no one knew what learning disabilities, like dyslexia, were back then meant she was put in a special classroom and treated like she was dumb. She got her training in the real world and attributed that to the fact that she became the open person she is today. She didn’t have to deal with high school drama or mean girls.


The View: Flow Dating

Dating fad flow dating is where people do an activity that helps break the ice during their date, like dancing or playing board games. You get to ask your date what you want to know upfront and get the awkwardness out of the way quickly. Sherri said that her husband asked her if she wanted kids upfront, which helped them know if they wanted to date.

The hosts thought that some games would be better than others. Some people can get competitive which would ruin the date, but then at least you know that you don’t want a relationship with that person!


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