The View: 89-Year-Old Woman Survives Two Days Locked In Trunk By Teens


The View: Woman Locked In Trunk

Margaret Smith, an 89-year-old from Delaware, tried to help someone else and almost died as a result. She said two teens asked her for a ride, before trapping her in her trunk and robbing her. She was stuck in the car for two days, but she survived and was a guest on The View.

The View: Margaret Smith Kidnapping

The View: 89-Year-Old Woman Survives Two Days Locked In Trunk By Teens

The View met Margaret Smith, an 89-year-old Delaware woman who survived two days being locked in the trunk of her own car by two teen girls who robbed her.


On March 18, Margaret drove to a convenience store for a snack. While she was there, two young women knocked on her car window. Her first instinct was to give them a ride across town.

When they got to the alleged destination, one woman said that her aunt was not home and they needed to go somewhere else. The girls ended up overtaking Margaret and locking her in the trunk of her own car for two days without food or water.

The View: Teens Kidnap Delaware Woman

Margaret also did not have her blood pressure medication. “There’s nothing I can say but the Lord took care of me, because I couldn’t do anything,” she said.


The girls, ages 14 and 15, were apprehended after the incident. Margaret admitted that she did attempt to defend herself before being trapped in her trunk.

When she escaped from the trunk, she found herself in a remote cemetery. The girls robbed Margaret and stayed at a hotel while Smith was still trapped in her own trunk.

The View: Teen Kidnappers Charged As Adults

The women have been charged as adults with crimes including robbery, carjacking, kidnapping, and conspiracy. Three other young people were picked up in the car while Margaret was still trapped in her own trunk.

That is a remarkable story, and Smith had a question for the young women: “How would you feel if somebody did the same to you?”

The View: Margaret Smith Forgiveness

Smith stopped and thought about whether she had forgiven the girls. “You’ve got to forgive,” she concluded. She also said that she has given up driving in light of this incident.

I want to be that awesome if I make it to age 89.


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