The View: Is Donald Trump Running For President? Eric Cantor Losing


The View: Donald Trump Selfie

Donald Trump, international businessman, billionaire, and reality superstar, came by The View. Before launching into heavier fare, the ladies of The View asked him to pose for a selfie so that viewers at home could take pictures of themselves with the Donald on their TV and send them in. Donald leaned way in and said, “You’re fired.”

The View: Donald Trump Marriage

The View: Is Donald Trump Running For President? Eric Cantor Losing

Donald Trump came by The View to talk about whether he’s running for president and how he feels about the Bowe Bergdahl trade. (Helga Esteb /


Donald Trump has been married for nine years. Earlier in the program, they were talking about a new study that said if a woman goes to bed unhappy, it’s worse for the relationship than if a man goes home unhappy.

The Donald said that’s true for him, too. If his wife is unhappy, he’s not happy. “But she’s been happy. I’ve kept her happy. And I’m happy. The world is not so happy, I think, but I’ve been happy,” he said.

The View: Donald Trump Running For President?

Will Donald Trump be running for president to make the world a little happier? He said the world is in a lot of trouble. He mentioned how Iraq is heating up again and he said it’s incredible that we spent $2 trillion for that conflict and thousands and thousands of lives on both sides in that war. He said it also drives him crazy that when they bomb Baghdad and they say two people were killed and they mean Americans. It’s not just two people, it’s all those other people being bombed.


Donald Trump said that our country is falling apart. He said in the Middle East and China, they have beautiful airports and roadways. Here, he said LaGuardia is like “Third World.” “I want to see America be great again. We got to spend our money on this country,” he said.

The View: Donald Trump Eric Cantor Losing His Seat

Many political pundits and political figures were shocked by Eric Cantor losing to an unknown Tea Party candidate. Donald Trump said he wasn’t shocked. “He didn’t resonate. He was a guy that got too big for his britches. He was a Washington guy. He was all of a sudden this big pop Republican. And he forgot about the people who put him there. And in the meantime, the other guy ran a great campaign with no money,” Donald Trump said.

Donald Trump said Eric Cantor also “let everybody come in” when it came to immigration. Donald Trump said that this is very interesting, too, because it’s never happened where someone at that position was knocked out at a primary.

The View: Donald Trump Bowe Bergdahl Trade

Donald Trump said that he thought recently traded American P.O.W. Bowe Bergdahl is a “traitor.” “We get a traitor and they get their five leaders that are killers,” he said. Trump said he didn’t think Obama had looked into Bergdahl’s background. He also said he thought Bergdahl could have a mental problem, but he had no sympathy for him. He also said he didn’t think we should be negotiating with terrorists.

Whoopi Goldberg said that if this kid turns out to be mentally ill, we need to seriously examine our soldiers and why we let people with serious mental issues fight in the war.

The View: Donald Trump Grandfather

Donald Trump said it feels great to be a grandfather and he’s very proud to be one. He said his grandkids call him Donald.

The View: Donald Trump Miss U.S.A.

Donald Trump owns the Miss USA pageant and he said it did great. It was number 1 among all non-sports television. It also beat the Tony Awards. He said he’s really excited about that.

Then they revealed the selfies people took with the Donald, which included everyone’s favorite selfie-taker on The View, the cat lady! Only, this time she took the picture sans her cat. I hope the cat is okay.


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