The View Cute Girls Hairstyles Demonstration & Alternative Braid Style


The View: Cute Girls Hairstyles

Today on The View, it was all about famous people on the web. Mindy McKnight has an online saloon visited by a quarter billion people and counting called Cute Girls Hairstyles. Mindy said that she has five daughters and she was doing their hair at home and that’s how she got started. They made a few videos and put them on YouTube and kind of forgot about them until YouTube contacted them and asked them to be partners. Mindy said they thought it was spam at first. But now, they make so much money that her husband was able to quit his job and help out.

The View: How To Make Money On YouTube

The View Cute Girls Hairstyles Demonstration & Alternative Braid Style

Jenny McCarthy tried to follow Mindy McKnight’s instructions on a hairdo and failed miserably. (Gts /


So how do you make money on YouTube? The advertisers. When you watch a YouTube video, you see an ad. The advertisers pay the YouTubers.

The View: Why Is Cute Girls Hairstyles So Popular?

Mindy said she thought this resonates with people because they take hairstyles that look complicated and break them down into easy pieces and because of the family component. People like seeing moms and daughters working together. Hollywood actually asked Mindy to help out on Hunger Games: Catching Fire

The View: Cute Girls Hairstyles Demonstration

Then The View talked to Mindy’s daughters and showed off their hairstyles. One of her daughters said she loved getting her hair done by her mother because it made her feel special.


The View: Alternative Messy Braid Hairstyle

Mindy McKnight showed Jenny McCarthy how to do the Alternative Braid style. Messy braids are really popular right now. Stars like Lauren Conrad wear them all the time. Jenny wasn’t able to follow Mindy’s steps at all, but the braid did look really good. Finally, Jenny just put the girl’s hair she was working on into a very loose ponytail on top of the head.

See if you can master the Alternative Braid below:

The View: Daddy Dos

Then Mindy McKnight taught guest co-host Ross Mathews how to do a hairstyle. These hairstyles were called Daddy Dos, because they’re so simple, even a dad could do them. This involved putting the hair into a simple ponytail, pushing the band down a few inches, splitting the hair above the band, and flipping the hair into the band. Ross was so proud of himself that he demanded the camera show the hairstyle he’d done over and over again. I don’t think this was as impressive a do as the Alternative Braid.


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