The View: Angie Harmon Rizzoli & Isles, Being A Mother & Pregnancy


The View: Angie Harmon Selfie

Angie Harmon came by The View to talk about her show Rizzoli & IslesLike they’ve been doing for a while, they had Angie Harmon pose for a selfie so that viewers at home could take pictures with their television and Angie Harmon.

The View: Angie Harmon Parenting Blunders

The View: Angie Harmon Rizzoli & Isles, Being A Mother & Pregnancy

Actress Angie Harmon came by The View June 17, 2014 to talk about her show Rizzoli & Isles, being a mother, her pet ducks, and what it was like when she was pregnant. (Helga Esteb /


Angie Harmon has been married for 13 years and she has three children. Sherri asked if she had any parenting blunders. She said she accidentally bought them ducks this Easter. Angie Harmon said she would take the ducks to Paramount at work every day and people would come out and see them. She said the ducks have become like three more children.

“And then they got bigger. These things turned into turkeys. They are birds. I love them, though, that’s the thing,” she said.

The View: Angie Harmon Body

Angie Harmon was recently in the Body Issue of US Magazine, where she was featured in a swimsuit. All of the ladies commented on Angie Harmon’s body. “Where did your gets come from, your armpits?” Sherri joked. Angie Harmon said that she works hard and tries her best to keep up her fitness as much as she can.


The View: Angie Harmon Rizzoli & Isles

Rizzoli & Isles is beginning its fifth season June 17, 2014, and was just named the top rated crime drama. In this season, Rizzoli is pregnant. Angie Harmon said that she gained 12 pounds for the role and she kept trying to put it on.

The View: Angie Harmon Pregnancy

Candace Cameron Bure, who was a guest co-host, said she’s been pregnant three times, too, and she wondered how Angie Harmon was with her real pregnancies. Angie Harmon said that with her first pregnancy, she bought every perfume that ever existed. She said she also carried around a jar of peanut butter. She couldn’t eat it with a spoon, she had to eat it with a fork.

Then they showed the seflies, which included a dog posing by the TV.


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