The View: Zachary Quinto Breakup at a Wedding Film & Accepted as Spock


The View: Zachary Quinto Pretends to be Interviewed by Barbara Walters

Zachary Quinto has always wanted to be an actor. He told the ladies of The View when he was younger he would set up a video camera and light, sit in front of the camera and pretend he was being interviewed by Barbara Walters. He added that he never asked any of the questions aloud but would answer the questions he asked himself in his head aloud.

One of the questions he was always asking himself was what was his biggest fear for her upcoming career. He said it was also the possibility of not being able to sit next to Barbara Walters.


Zachary Quinto: Next Generation Spock

Zachary Quinto has been accepted by Trekkies all over the world as the new version of Spock but Quinto was never sure whether people would like him as the new Spock or not. After getting the go-ahead from Leonard Nimoy though, he knew people were going to accept him. He added that he was super excited and felt very blessed for the movie to be accepted as well as it had been.

The View: Zachary Quinto Breakup at a Wedding Film & Accepted as Spock

The View talked with Zachary Quinto about producing the film Breakup at a Wedding and what it feels like to be accepted as the next generation Spock. (s_bukley /

As for his Spock costume, Quinto said it took about three hours to get the ears, eyebrows and hair just right. He even had to shave three quarters of his eyebrow for the movie which made a lot of people think he was a weirdo since he had to keep quiet about the Star Trek movie for a few months while filming.  When they finally learned her was becoming the new Spock, everyone understood why his eyebrows looked so strange.


“I try to look as cool as I can which is not easy all the time,” said Quinto.

Zachary Quinto Produces Breakup at a Wedding

Zachary Quinto is the producer of the new movie Breakup at a Wedding, a film about everything that could go wrong at a wedding, from the hair and makeup to the rehearsal dinner, nothing seems to go right for the bride in this movie.

He said he was attracted to the project because his friends were making it, describing it as a family affair, that took about two weeks to film. He added that it was fun to take the “found footage style” of film making and use it for a new genre.

You can see more Zachary Quinto when Breakup at a Wedding hits theaters tomorrow, June 18 2013. You can also see Quinto in The Glass Menagerie this fall on Broadway.


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