The View: Woody Harrelson Guesses Sherri’s PIN Number On National TV


The View: Woody Harrelson Is A Mentalist?

Actor Woody Harrelson came on The View to discuss his role in the upcoming crime-thriller Now You See Me, where he plays the hypnotist in a group of thieving con-artist illusionists. Woody says that he really took this part more than some other parts in his past, joking that he was a mentalist right before, to the shock of everyone, he actually guessed the number of fingers that Barbara was holding up while his eyes were closed. Woody then tried to guess Sherri’s pin number, and actually got it correct. They had to bring out the censors for Sherri’s reaction to this, and if they had been here at Recapo, for me, as well. Wow!

The View: Woody Harrelson On Marriage

The View: Woody Harrelson Guesses Sherri's PIN Number On National TV

Woody Harrelson came on the show today to show us just how seriously he took his role in Now You See Me. (Featureflash /


In an interview with Barbara in 1997, Woody Harrelson told her that he did not believe in the institution of marriage because he said that it didn’t account for the way people change. Being happily married now, Woody had a good laugh about the interview and said that he was clearly not of sound mind when he said those things.

The View: Woody Harrelson Is Neighbors With Willie Nelson And Kris Kristofferson

Woody Harrelson currently lives in Florida on a farm with both Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson as neighbors. They all get together on a regular basis and play poker together, and apparently, Willie Nelson is usually the one who walks home the winner. Woody joked that Willie has taken so much money from him over the years that he has used it to add a new wing on to his house, called “The Woody Wing.”

The View: Woody Harrelson On His Character In Hunger Games

In the next Hunger Games movie, Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Woody said that he wants to take his character, Haymitch Abernathy, a lot more over the top. He wanted to make him into even more of a drunk than he already was, but director Gary Ross reeled him in a little bit and encouraged him away from going too far with it. Woody said that he quite enjoyed playing the part.



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