The View: Watch New All My Children & One Life To Live Episodes Online


The View: Watch All My Children Online

After being cancelled by ABC, popular soap operas All My Children and One Life To Live are beginning new chapters online. Stars Vincent Irizarry, Thorsten Kaye, and Erika Slezak were guests on The View to talk about the new projects.

The View: Erika Slezak & One Life To Live

The View: Watch New All My Children & One Life To Live Episodes Online

Erika Slezak is one of the returning soap stars who will appear when One Life To Live and All My Children begin new episodes online April 29. (Helga Esteb /


Erika Slezak starred as Viki Lord for 40 years on One Life To Live, winning six Emmys for the role. She said “it’s as if the time never passed.” They went back to work March 18, and she is glad to be back with her OLTL family. “It’s terrific being back.”

The View: All My Children Cliffhanger

All My Children ended with a gunshot in its ABC finale, but the show is picking up its stories five years after that moment, Thorsten Kaye explained. As for One Life To Live, it only jumped a few months ahead in time.

Vincent Irizarry as Dr David Hayward is delighted to be back once again playing his character. “It’s a great launching off point for all of us, and it’s going to be very exciting,” he predicted.


The actors and shows were away for over a year, and it’s got to be interesting to be back to work with your castmates and crew.

Both soaps are now airing online, and without network censors, could the shows get spicier? “It’s more conversational. Everything is a little bit more exposed,” Slezak said.

The View: Snoop Lion One Life To Live

The shows are airing through The Online Network, and they can also be seen on Hulu. Upcoming One Life To Live guest stars include Snoop Lion and J Woww from Jersey Shore. Snoop Lion also wrote a new theme song for OLTL.

The View: Watch One Life To Live Online

New episodes of All My Children and One Life To Live begin streaming online at iTunes and Hulu on Monday, April 29 2013. Will you be watching?


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