The View Trayvon Martin Foundation, Sybrina Fulton & Stand Your Ground


The View: Sybrina Fulton And Attorney Benjamin Crump

George Zimmerman will be going on trial Monday, June 10, for the murder of Trayvon Martin. Whatever the reasons, be they racial or in self-defense, Trayvon Martin’s mother, Sybrina Fulton, and her attorney, Benjamin Crump, came on the show today to update us on her family’s status and how they have been doing in the wake of this tragedy.

The View: Sybrina Fulton’s Family

The View Trayvon Martin Foundation, Sybrina Fulton & Stand Your Ground

Sybrina Fulton talked about the Trayvon Martin Foundation that was set up to fight against gun violence. (Ira Bostic /


Sybrina Fulton said that it is still very hard for her family, and that they are taking it one day at a time, calling it the most difficult time of their lives.

Soon after Trayvon Martin was killed, many people took to the internet to comment on young, black, males walking around with hoodies on and generally looking threatening, and expressed their happiness that George Zimmerman defended himself. Sybrina had a hard time wrapping her head around that idea, and didn’t understand how anyone could say those things.

The View: The Day Of Trayvon Martin’s Death

On the day of Trayvon Martin’s death, February 26 2012, Sybrina Fulton’s husband called her at work and said that Trayvon hadn’t come home, which began to worry her, because she said that Trayvon always came home. When she finally got the call telling her that Trayvon had been killed, she couldn’t comprehend or explain it, partially because of the emotional train that just hit her, partially because the police couldn’t tell her all the details immediately.


The View: Trayvon Martin Text Messages

Many attacks on Trayvon Martin’s character were mounted after the killing in defense of George Zimmerman, and Sybrina Fulton wanted to dispute those. Sybrina always remembers Trayvon helping her out around the house as much as he could.

In one of the attacks against Trayvon, George Zimmerman’s defense released to the public a none-too-favorable text message that Trayvon had sent. Benjamin Crump thought that this was a pathetic attempt to sway the opinion of the jury pool, because they were unrelated to Zimmerman’s guilt or innocence.

The View: George Zimmerman Apology Not Sincere

Despite their grief, the Martin family only wants a fair trial and ruling based off of the ruling. They want everyone to be peaceful during the proceedings. Despite their feelings about fairness, however, they did not buy George Zimmerman’s apology that took place at his bond hearing. They thought it was self-serving.

The View: The Trayvon Martin Foundation

Instead of wallowing in grief, the family started the Trayvon Martin Foundation to help other families that are victims of senseless gun violence. They are setting out to change the Stand Your Ground Law. Also, once a month, they arranged a once-a-month help group for those going through similar loss.


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