The View: Tom Sizemore Drug Addiction & Celebrity Rehab Deaths


The View: Tom Sizemore

Actor Tom Sizemore was once an A-list actor, but his drug addiction derailed his career and put him on a dangerous 20-year path. Now he is clean and sober, and he even wrote a book about his journey.

The View: Tom Sizemore Sober

His book is called By Some Miracle I Made It Out Of There. This was not Sizemore’s first appearance on The View; he had been a guest in 1998, and he admitted that he quit heroin two days before his interview.


The View: Tom Sizemore Drug Addiction & Celebrity Rehab Deaths

Tom Sizemore talked about his struggles with addiction, as detailed in a new memoir, and why he thinks that his Celebrity Rehab castmates have struggled. (Phil Stafford /

Barbara Walters admitted that she and The View team knew something was off with him at the time. But now he is approaching four years of sobriety, as of May 29.

The View: Tom Sizemore Twins

Sizemore said that he is confident about his recovery now, and he focuses on his seven-year-old twins for inspiration to stay clean. One of his seven-year-olds has decided to wear ties to school every day.


Tom had trouble staying on topic, but he recalled that he started with hard drugs in 1991, which Barbara claimed was either 15 or 50 years ago; regardless, she was wrong–it was 22 years ago.

The View: Tom Sizemore Drug Addiction

“Once I started using narcotics–cocaine specifically and then heroin–I didn’t know I was an addict. I never would have done this,” he said, taking responsibility for his addiction and behavior.

He said that his career success made him uncomfortable, and he used drugs as a coping mechanism.

I get that this is a difficult topic, but Sizemore seemed really unsure about this interview.

The View: Tom Sizemore Celebrity Rehab Deaths

Dr Drew Pinsky from the VH1 series Celebrity Rehab wanted to get Sizemore to go through his program. In some clips from that process, a disheveled Sizemore interacted with Pinsky and others in the drug rehab program.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck noted that five Celebrity Rehab patients have died since appearing on the program–Mike Starr, Mindy McCready, Rodney King, Jeff Conaway, and Joey Kovar. But Sizemore said it saved his life.

The View: Tom Sizemore 12 Step Program

“Addiction is a deadly disease, and Dr Drew gives the same prescription to everybody,” he said. Three people from his group passed away.

He said that doing the work of the 12-step program is the only way he thought he could succeed. He realized now that he did not want to get clean during his past attempts, admitting that he lied to Robert De Niro, who tried to help him in the 1990s.

“I desperately wanted to get clean. I lost everything,” he recalled. “Things got really hopeless feeling, and I wasn’t sure I was going to make it.”

You can learn more about his story in the memoir By Some Miracle I Made It Out Of There.


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