The View: Tom Selleck Blue Bloods & Discovery Channel North America


The View: Tom Selleck

Tom Selleck stars as a police commissioner and patriarch in the CBS drama Blue Bloods. The family’s commitment to public service makes for some hot topics for the characters around the dinner table, which also might mean Selleck is a perfect guest for The View. He talked about his ranch, his career, and the new Discovery Channel project North America.

The View: Tom Selleck NYPD

Barbara Walters praised the themes and conflicts of the series Blue Bloods, while Selleck attempted to adjust to The View’s gigantic couch. Walters questioned how Selleck was affected by the news events of terror attacks in Boston.


The View: Tom Selleck Blue Bloods & Discovery Channel North America

Tom Selleck talked about getting his big break at age 35, starring in the CBS police drama Blue Bloods, and narrating North America for Discovery Channel. (Joe Seer /

During 9/11, Selleck was in New York working on a play. “When Blue Bloods started, I really felt compelled to accept the idea we were playing heroes,” he said of his role in the NYPD. He said those in charge have to maintain their composure and professionalism in the height of a crisis, which he said is not easy, even as an actor.

Selleck said he has been recognized on the street. He was saluted on the street by a real New York police officer, which has to be surreal for both of them.


The View: Blue Bloods Cast

Selleck’s TV family includes Bridget Moynahan, Will Estes, and Donnie Wahlberg. His TV children call him “dad” off camera as well, because of the family atmosphere of the set.

He said that some ensemble casts can go a month without seeing one another. But in Blue Bloods, there is a family dinner in every episode, so the cast sees each other quite a bit and builds that bond.

Blue Bloods airs Friday nights on CBS.

The View: Tom Selleck Big Break

Though Selleck has been a household name for years, he did not get his big break until age 35, in the series Magnum, P.I. He recalled trying for years to get a show on the air, including a pilot with the late Bob Urich. These days, I don’t think anyone would want to pass on a Tom Selleck project.

The View: Discovery Channel North America

Selleck is also narrating a series for the Discovery Channel, called North America. He said he still has to overcome insecurities about his ability, but he has found that directly addressing those before starting work helps him to set them aside.

North America premieres May 19 on Discovery Channel.

Though Selleck’s show is set in New York, he makes his home on a 63-acre ranch with his wife and adult daughter. Three owls have even made his ranch their home, among many other animals, including horses. He choked up recalling that he had to recently put down Spike, his horse from Quigley Down Under.

The View: Tom Selleck Jesse Stone

Tom also took a viewer question about his favorite roles. He said that Three Men and a Baby changed his life, and he has had a lot of fun with his TV roles. As for the Jesse Stone movie series, he has yet to hear about future installments, but suggested that it may have to find a new TV home.


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