The View: The Americans Review with Keri Russell & Matthew Rhys


The View: The Americans FX

From the new FX thriller The Americans, 1980s Russian spies are “playing house in the US.” The stars, Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys, appeared on The View to talk about their roles. The co-hosts shared The Americans review, and they all seem to love it.

The View: The Americans Review

The View: The Americans Review with Keri Russell & Matthew Rhys

The View co-hosts talked with stars Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys to share their The Americans review of the new FX KGB drama. (s_bukley /


After just four episodes, The Americans has been picked up for a second season on FX. The series is set in 1981, and the stars play KGB spies who keep their real identities secret from even their children.

It is one of those shows that makes you root for the bad guys. Guest co-host Cyndi Lauper and the other ladies didn’t really let their guests talk. Rhys said that it was a gamble to make the protagonists the bad guys, but it may be paying off to the familiar domestic situations.

The View: The Americans KGB Marriage

“One of the reasons I wanted to do the show was more the dynamic of the complicated marriage within the show,” she said.


Just two years ago, there was an arrest of KGB agents in New Jersey. Did that real life headline factor in to the show’s plots? The show was created by a former CIA agent, and the arranged marriages and families were just one of the borrowed details.

The View: Matthew Rhys The Graduate

Rhys also recently starred opposite Kathleen Turner in a stage revival of The Graduate. He said that it was difficult to “react appropriately” during his six-month run, which included eight revealing performances each week. He said he was a gentleman and never looked at Turner’s exposed body.

During an early audition for The Americans, Rhys and Russell had to practice a slapping scene from the show’s first episode. He had no idea that she had been instructed to slap him hard in the rehearsal scene. She even left a handprint on his face.

The View: The Americans Characters

Elisabeth Hasselbeck pointed out that this is a huge turn from her charming, fuzzy role in Felicity. As a mother, Sherri Shepherd wondered whether it was believable that the kids never wake up when the spy games are going on.

Before the series, Russell and Rhys met in a parking lot at a social engagement. He helped her get a cab, which is another very gentlemanly thing to do.

You can see the KGB games every Wednesday in The Americans on FX.

The View: How Funny Are You?

Another funny teacher, Marty Drexler of Ohio, performed his Hilarious Teacher routine on The View. After his dad encouraged him to be an anesthesiologist (his dad’s advice: “knock yourself out”), he ended up teaching at a rough school. Some of his material also relied on puns.

What did the judges think? Sherri said he had potential. Joy said he needed to slow down. Mario Cantone said that he was funniest when he turned the jokes on himself. More comedians will appear the rest of this week on the show.



  1. TVang says

    The Americans is already one of my favorite TV dramas and I can’t wait to see where the story goes from here. Matthew Rhys as Philip is awesome, but I think there is something about Keri Russell as a KGB agent which is even more intriguing. I think it’s because I still see her as Felicity all these years later. So far this season I’m a few episodes behind because I usually work night shifts at DISH, so I’m not home to watch the show air. Fortunately I’ve been able to watch the show on my schedule, thanks to my DISH Hopper. It will record up to six shows at once for me every day during primetime. With that kind of flexibility; my family doesn’t fight over the DVR anymore.

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