The View: Susan Lucci All My Children New Episodes & Devious Maids


The View: Susan Lucci

For years, Susan Lucci came into viewers’ homes every day on the long running daytime drama All My Children. Now the show is heading online with new episodes, more than a year after it was canceled. TV legend Susan Lucci visited The View to talk about what’s next in her career.

The View: All My Children New Episodes

All My Children and One Life To Live are being revived as online series. The deal took over a year to get everything straightened out, but it sounds like the details are finally in place and the shows will be back in production soon. The big question is: will Susan Lucci be back in her role as Erica Kane?


The View: Susan Lucci All My Children New Episodes & Devious Maids

The View talked with Susan Lucci about upcoming new episodes of All My Children online, and her new Lifetime drama series, Devious Maids. (Helga Esteb /

“I so hope that I can return. I want with all my heart to return to All My Children. I just don’t know the answer yet,” she said. “What I do know is that all of us are working so hard to make that happen.”


Part of the roadblock is that Lucci is keeping so busy. After 41 years in the role, she spent a year getting through the heartbreak of saying goodbye to a job that defined such a part of her life. She compared it to a mourning process.

The View: Devious Maids Review

“I missed that family,” she said of the cast and crew she worked with on the show for so long. She appeared on Army Wives, the Lifetime TV drama that guest co-host Brooke Shields is now a part of.

Lucci is also starring in a new drama, Devious Maids, from the creator of Desperate Housewives. The series will air on Lifetime later in 2013 and is being filmed in Atlanta. She said she is really gelling with her new castmates.

In the new show, her character “lunches but doesn’t eat,” according to Joy Behar. What else should we know about her new role? “She eats some pills,” Lucci said.

She said that she still lives in New York, which means she is commuting to Atlanta for filming. Lucci said it is not as bad as her former New York to LA commute.

The View: Susan Lucci Grandmother

Susan Lucci is a grandmother once again, because her daughter recently had a fourth baby. That means she has four grandkids under age six, and I’m glad I don’t live in that household. Just hearing about it sounds exhausting.

Lucci said it’s nice that Atlanta is at least in the same time zone as New York, so she can still make phone calls and check in with her grandkids.


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