The View: Spontaneous Construction Hurricane Sandy Long Island Relief


The View: Spontaneous Construction

Hurricane Sandy devastated the East Coast in fall 2012. For The Year of the Viewer, Sherri Shepherd teamed with HGTV’s Spontaneous Construction host Ricky Paull Goldin to surprise one family in the recovery process.

The View: Hurricane Sandy Relief

The View: Spontaneous Construction Hurricane Sandy Long Island Relief

The View’s Sherri Shepherd teamed with Ricky Paull Goldin from HGTV’s Spontaneous Construction to rebuild a family’s Long Island home after Hurricane Sandy. (Ovidiu2012 /


Shepherd and Goldin worked together in the past on All My Children. This time, the project had a special meaning. Shepherd toured the devastation on Long Island and met with the Spontaneous Construction team for a huge surprise.

Goldin introduced the Enright family, with two parents and six children. When most of the house was destroyed, the family had to improvise, splitting three rooms and just one bathroom on an upper level of the home.

They even had to cook in the bathroom because the kitchen was destroyed. Goldin coordinated a flash mob, which would become a task mob to help get the Enrights’ home redone in a hurry.


The View: Sherri Shepherd Flash Mob

Goldin called a family meeting to surprise the Enrights with a flash mob in front of their house. The family seemed very confused by the flash mob dance number, as well as the presence of Sherri Shepherd.

After the dance performance, it was time to get to work, rehabbing three floors of the home in just three days. Goldin even had to remodel the house to make room for a laundry area.

The View: Enright Family Home Makeover

Goldin joined The View panel to show off the finished product. The Enright family was also in the audience. Their refurbished house was decked out from floor to ceiling, and it was an emotional day for the family.

They got a new kitchen, which meant they didn’t have to microwave things in the bathroom anymore. They also got a new laundry room and a luxurious bathroom upgrade.

Finally, the siblings got to spread out and enjoy more space than they had for the past several months. What a feel-good way to give back to victims of a natural disaster. You could tell they were grateful for the generous gift, too.

The View: HGTV Spontaneous Construction

Goldin, who grew up on Long Island, was happy to give back to the community when it needed a helping hand. The whole process took just three days, which sounds like quite an accomplishment.

You can watch more on the makeover on HGTV’s Spontaneous Construction, airing April 26.


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