The View: Sir Martin Short, Canadian Screen Awards & Supermarket Dog


The View: Martin Short

Sir Martin Short was recently named “Hollywood’s most beloved comedian” by Vanity Fair. Maybe that is why he was a guest on The View.

The View: Martin Short Age

The View: Sir Martin Short, Canadian Screen Awards & Supermarket Dog

The View talked with Sir Martin Short about hosting the Canadian Screen Awards, his recent incident in an Australian hotel, and his memorable characters. (s_bukley /


Short told Walters that she looked great after recovering from her head injury and chickenpox. He also recalled asking about the birds and the bees when he was young. After he asked a question in class, the teacher phoned his mother to give him a talk.

Martin Short will turn 63 on March 26 2013. He said that he is always getting paler. “I’m like the film negative of Django Unchained,” he said. “The only time I don’t have to pee is when I’m peeing.”

The View: Canadian Screen Awards

He said that plastic surgery does not look well on a man. Short also recently hosted the Canadian Screen Awards, where the winners included Rebel.


“They took the Canadian films and Canadian television and combined it,” he said of the Canadian Screen Awards.

Short also got to joke about The Real Housewives of Vancouver and other pop culture topics during his hosting. What if there is a Canadian pope chosen next?

“Instead of the Popemobile, he’d ride a zamboni,” Short joked. “Instead of confession, you’d go to the penalty box.”

The View: Martin Short Australia

Martin Short said that he had an incident while recently visiting Australia. He found himself naked in the hallway after attempting to retrieve the newspaper from outside his door.

The best thing he could figure out to do was approach a housekeeping cart for help getting back into his room.

The View: Martin Short Characters

Short’s memorable roles include Father of the Bride, and he is known for his wacky characters. He admitted that he thinks most characters have to be partially based on real life.

“They kind of come from real people…and then you keep layering it,” Short explained.

He based his lawyer character, Nathan Thurm, on a makeup artist he worked with on Saturday Night Live. The character emerged initially during a 60 Minutes sketch on SNL.

The View: Sir Martin Short

In the order of Canada, the comedian is known as Sir Martin Short. He said that Canadian politics grapples with the same issues as America, but they can be on a different scale.

What does Short think his characters are up to now? “They’re in the Characters Who Were Popular in the ‘90s Home in Newark,” he joked.

Short still tours and rotates his characters into the show, at least as long as he feels like they have something fresh to say.

Look for Short on tour. In his early 60s, it’s impressive that he is still hitting the road regularly.

The View Viral Video: Supermarket Dog

The View showed off its Viral Video of the Day, featuring a dog walking around in the supermarket. I think we should ban all viral videos that are shot vertically. Turn your phone sideways, everyone.


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