The View: Scott Thorson Dated Michael Jackson & Liberace, Is it True?


The View: Scott Thorson – Behind the Candelabra

With Behind the Candelabra, the story of the relationship between 17-year-old Scott Thorson and Liberace, becoming such a success, The View wanted to meet the real Scott Thorson. And what a story he had to tell them.

Thorson had a five year relationship with Liberace that was hidden from the media. Liberace was able to throw the media by adopting Thorson so no one would expect he was having a relationship with the boy. Everyone simply thought Liberace was helping out a boy in foster care.


The View: Scott Thorson Dated Michael Jackson & Liberace, Is it True?

The View talked with Scott Thorson about Behind the Candelabra, dating Liberace and whether or not he is lying about dating Michael Jackson as well.
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The movie dives deep into their relationship, even talking about the time Liberace made Thorson get plastic surgery to look more like the singer.

Scott Thorson Becomes Addicted to Drugs

Living with Liberace was exciting for Thorson he told The View. He said he was able to lived a life of glitz and glamour but not everything was wonderful.


After his plastic surgery to look more like Liberace, Thorson said he became addicted to drugs because of the strong drug cocktails the surgeon would give him.

The View: Scott Thorson Had Relationship with Michael Jackson?

Not long after he broke up with Liberace, Scott Thorson said he began dating Michael Jackson, although you won’t see this in the movie. He said he met Michael Jackson through Liberace and when they broke up he went straight into Michael Jackson’s arms.

While the women of The View were a bit skeptical of his relationship with Michael Jackson, he said it did happen. Thorson said he even passed two lie detector tests questioning his relationship.

The View: Is Scott Thorson a Con Artist?

It is hard to believe Thorson though. He told The View he is broke, he doesn’t have a job and he was recently arrested. He was actually out on bond while on The View because he had been arrested for burglary and identity theft after he bought a $1,000 worth of stuff with someone else’s credit card.

He was bailed out jail by Dennis Hoff from the Bunny Ranch who, along with both of his girlfriends, told The View he believed Thorson needed help. Both his girlfriends wanted Hoff to help Thorson get out of jail, so he paid a defense lawyer to take care of the legal matters and bailed Thorson out.

When questioned about the movie from the movie, Thorson said all of it went to his recent chemotherapy treatments for his cancer.

But do you believe him? Let us know what you think about Scott Thorson in the comments section below.


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