The View: Scandal Cast – Guillermo Diaz Is Affected By Playing Huck


The View: Scandal Cast

Joshua Malina, Guillermo Díaz, Katie Lowes and Darby Stanchfield, who play Olivia Pope’s team of “gladiators,” as the show calls them on the hit television series Scandal, all came on The View May 14 2013 to talk a little about the show and last week’s jaw-dropping episode.

The Success Of Scandal 

The View: Scandal Cast - Guillermo Diaz Is Affected By Playing Huck

The cast of Scandal talked extensively about their roles in the show on The View. (image credit: s_bukley /


Judy Smith, the real-life crisis management professional who Kerry Washington’s character Olivia Pope is based on, had a few questions of her own for the cast of Scandal. She wanted to know if the real-life camaraderie of the cast behind the show has helped it become the success that it has. Katie Lowes was quick to confirm this, saying that the cast enjoys to even hang out together outside of the show. They all get together and watch it on the weekends so that they can live tweet with their fans. Seeing their performances on television together makes sure that they all bring their A-game for the filming of each new episode. That is so cool!

Guillermo Diaz: Huck Role

Barbara Walters said that Huck’s scenes can be very hard to watch. Huck’s past with the CIA has turned him into a bit of a dark figure, especially since part of that “dark past” entails torture. Diaz says that the intensity of the role sometimes causes traits of the character to stick with him off set. Surprisingly, Diaz says that he cleanses the ex-CIA killer-hacker role from his emotional palette by going home and watching horror movies. There’s nothing like seeing a brutal murder scene unfold to put you in a tapestry of blood and terror to calm the nerves.

Scandal – Root For the Mistress & Love the Murderers

There is one strange thing that viewers seem to experience while watching Scandal – they end up rooting for people that, if this were any other television drama, would be reviled. Kerry Washington said that this is a testament to the writing for the show which presents everyone in it as a human being and not a cliche. Everyone is vulnerable, human and relatable on some level.



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