The View: Sandy Hook Promise & Mothers Advocate for Better Gun Control


The View: Newtown Gives Support to Families of Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook mother Nicole Hockley was unsure what she would have done without the community support she felt. She said her other children were terrified after the shooting but the community was such a support network for her whole family.

“We need to give them a lot of love. They miss their siblings,” she said, speaking of how the community helped her and her family cope with the lose of their son and brother.


Hockley is so ingrained in the community she refuses to leave. She did however sell her house, which was located across the street from Adam Lanza’s mother’s home. A month after the shooting her family moved to another part of Newtown.

The View: Sandy Hook Promise & Mothers Advocate for Better Gun Control

The View continued their talk with the mothers of Sandy Hook children about the Sandy Hook Promise and advocating for background checks during gun sales.

The View: The Sandy Hook Promise

Many of the families affected by the shooting came together to create the Sandy Hook Promise. It is a non-profit organization, and an actual promise as well, that was organized to advocate for gun safety and mental health reform. Some families, and the mothers on The View today, have traveled to Washington, D.C. many times to speak with senators and governors about the need for background checks during the purchase of a firearm.


“If you are a criminal or mentally incapable you should not have access to firearms,” said Nicole.

Sandy Hook Gun Control

Although the background check wouldn’t have applied to the Lanza case, all the mothers agreed this is bigger than Sandy Hook. With over 4,800 people killed by guns this year alone, there are many people that could be saved if gun control laws were more strict.

“It isn’t about banning guns. It is about responsibility,” said Jackie Barden, whose son Daniel Barden was murdered that day.

Marquez-Green reiterated that their mission is to stop this from ever happening to another family again. Specifically, she has been working for mental health reform, trying to get more funding so parents can have their examined when they see something wrong. She is also trying to destigmatize mental health. She wants it to be an open discussion that parents have instead of something embarrassing they have to deal with.

The View: Connecticut Lawmakers Block Sandy Hook Photos

Lawmakers in Connecticut recently passed a bill to block all video and photos of the Sandy Hook children to the public. The mother said they wanted the photos blocked because they want to remember their children in their own way and they do not want the photos used for some negative purpose.

“No other person or child should see these. No one needs to see these,” said Nicole

All three mothers called on the help of everyone to change gun laws in America. They asked for everyone to call their senator and speak their mind.

“Help us make common sense solutions a reality,” said Hockley with Barden adding, “If nothing changes this will happen again.”


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