The View: Roma Downey The Bible Miniseries & Mark Burnett Story of God


The View: The Bible Miniseries

From the History Channel hit miniseries The Bible, Mark Burnett and Roma Downey talked to The View about the show’s big premiere and its epic tales, as well as their companion book, A Story of God and All of Us.

The View: Mark Burnett & Roma Downey


Roma Downey starred for many years on the CBS series Touched By An Angel. Mark Burnett is the prolific TV producer behind shows like The Apprentice, Shark Tank, and Survivor.

The View: Roma Downey The Bible Miniseries & Mark Burnett Story of God

The View talked with Roma Downey and Mark Burnett, from the History Channel miniseries The Bible and its companion book, A Story of God and All of Us. (s_bukley /

The View co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck was a Survivor contestant 13 years ago, and Burnett said he remembered casting Hasselbeck based on her audition video.


“I learned so much about myself, and I have you to thank,” Hasselbeck said to Burnett.

The View: History Channel The Bible Review

Millions of viewers tuned in to the History Channel premiere of The Bible. It was a passion project for Downey, and Burnett said that she can be very persuasive. It has been in the works for more than four years.

Sherri Shepherd wondered why the couple thinks their miniseries has gained such a following.

“We know the Bible is a book that changes lives. People are hungry for hope, they’re hungry for God, and we try to tell these stories in a new way, exciting way that would reach all generations,” Downey said.

The View: The Bible Miniseries Race & Ethnicity

Whoopi wondered how Burnett and Downey determined the races for the characters from the Bible to translate on TV screens.

“We copied your dreadlocks for our Samson,” Downey joked. The show used an international cast, with stars from all over the world.

Downey felt a calling to put this movie together, saying that she felt a voice in her heart that grew into the project that is now on TV.

The View: Mark Burnett Married

On the set, Burnett said that the crew deferred to Downey, because it is hard to argue with an angel. But Burnett dismissed the idea of subjecting their relationship to a reality series; they have been together for six years.

He said he does not like the word “reality,” preferring to think of the genre as “unscripted dramas.”

The View: A Story of God and All of Us

During five months of shooting in the Moroccan desert, a few miracles reportedly occurred during filming. A sustained wind came up at just the right moment in a scene between Jesus and Nicodemus.

The couple agreed that other miracles occurred on their set as well. Jesus has yet to arrive on the scene, and there is much more in store on The Bible, airing Sundays on the History Channel.

Mark and Roma also created a companion book, A Story of God and All of Us, to accompany the series.


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