The View: Regis Philbin Fox Sports 1, Return To TV & Barbara Walters


The View: Regis Philbin

With Barbara Walters back on TV this morning, who better to welcome her return than another TV legend, Regis Philbin? It turns out he may be cooking up a TV return of his own, with Fox Sports 1.

The View: Regis Philbin First Guest


The View: Regis Philbin Fox Sports 1, Return To TV & Barbara Walters

Regis Philbin reluctantly admitted that he is returning to TV on Fox Sports 1, with more details to be announced. (Debby Wong /

As the second man to bring Walters flowers this morning, Philbin was also the second man to make her cry this morning. He was the first guest on The View when it began nearly 17 years ago, Walters recalled.

Philbin said that she did a nice job recapping her illness at the top of the show. He said that he noticed the show is chaotic when Walters is not there to ground the show. In particular, he complained about Cyndi Lauper’s antics as guest co-host.


The View: Regis Philbin Cinderella Review

Regis said that he was a little afraid to catch Barbara’s chickenpox. But he brought a story about an up and coming Broadway show, which he claimed is the first stage version of Cinderella. He said that he loved what he saw.

Philbin said that he felt a connection with Cinderella, as the third member of a family, whose mother does not like her. “In a way, I could understand what she was going through,” he said.

Walters showed off ABC network president Anne Sweeney, who was in the audience. Philbin hedged about his potential return to television with a regular series, however.

The View: Regis Philbin Road Trip

Regis is hitting the road with his wife, Joy, including a trip to Lincoln, Rhode Island. How is Joy Philbin doing with Regis’s free time now that he is on not television every day?

“Once in awhile, I think I do get on her nerves,” he admitted. Walters thanked him for being such a reliable friend of The View and last-minute guest whenever he was needed.

The View: Regis Philbin Fox Sports 1 New Show

Elisabeth got back to the big question: is Philbin heading back to TV? “Yeah, I think I will be doing another show,” he admitted, though he did not have any details to announced.

Finally, he admitted that he is joining the Fox Sports 1 network, which is set to compete with ESPN. “Regis is going to have a show on that,” he confirmed, and more details should be announced very soon.

Will Regis attract the same kind of viewership as a sports anchor that he did for decades on the morning shift?


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