The View: Rebel Wilson Pain and Gain Review & Acting Hallucinations


The View: Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson is a scene-stealing comedy star who has made a name for herself in Bridesmaids, at the MTV Movie Awards, and in the new movie Pain and Gain. How did a bout with malaria turn her into an actress?

The View: White House Correspondents’ Dinner

The View: Rebel Wilson Pain and Gain Review & Acting Hallucinations

From the new movie Pain and Gain, Rebel Wilson told the ladies of The View how a battle with malaria caused hallucinations that led to her acting career. (Phil Stafford /


Guest host Jenny McCarthy said she is a huge Rebel Wilson fan. Wilson said it was weird to be on The View after watching it for so long.

Wilson got to hang out at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner with the media and celebrities. She did not have a chance to meet the president, but she did get to meet a lot of congressmen and their wives.

The View: Rebel Wilson Acting Hallucinations

Wilson was Kristen Wiig’s roommate in her breakout Bridesmaids performance. But in her native Australia, she actually holds a prestigious law degree.


Rebel Wilson said she was a youth ambassador to southern Africa. There, she contracted malaria and ended up in intensive care. She hallucinated that she was an Oscar-winning actress, according to her story.

She followed that vision and it seems to be paying off thus far.

The View: Rebel Wilson Pain and Gain Review

Wilson stars in the movie Pain and Gain, based on a true story. Her co-stars included Mark Wahlberg, Anthony Mackie, and The Rock.

She portrayed Mackie’s character’s girlfriend, and admitted that she had a crush on Mark Wahlberg from way back. It seems like she had a lot of fun with her castmates on the film.

The View: Rebel Wilson & Whoopi Goldberg

Wilson first met Whoopi Goldberg as a teenager. She visited Broadway as a student and waited to meet Whoopi behind the theater. She did manage to get a photo of the encounter, which prompted everyone to conclude that Goldberg doesn’t age.

Pain and Gain is now playing in theaters across the US.


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