The View: Real Housewives of New Jersey Say Cameras Help End Feuding


The View: Real Housewives of New Jersey Mini Reunion

There have only been two episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey this season and the feuding is already out of control.

Melissa Gorga was one of the women on The View today and she had a lot to talk about. Most of the feuding on the show revolves around her. She has even been criticised for moving because she doesn’t want her child to go to the same school as their cousins but she said the feuding is not entirely the reason why.


She said the recent feuding on the show has pushed her to want to move but it was just the final straw for her. There were other things that factored into her decision but she didn’t discuss them on the show.

“At the end of the day, I am a wife and a mother first and I will do whatever it takes to protect my family,” she said.

She also interested that the feuding has nothing to do with the children. All the negativity and all the family problems are seen by the kids though and she wants to get them away from that.


Cameras Help to Work Out Problems on Real Housewives

The View: Real Housewives of New Jersey Say Cameras Help End Feuding

The View talked with the cast of Real Housewives of New Jersey who all said the cameras help them to share their feelings with each other.
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When asked why she doesn’t just leave the show and deal with the family problems off air, Gorga said the cameras help them to deal with the problems. The cameras force them into the same room and they force them to talk. Without all the cameras, Gorga speculated that there could be even more problems.

Caroline Manzo on Bad Terms with Sister

Everyone knows Caroline Manzo is on bad terms with her sister Dina Manzo, so bad they don’t even talk to each other. But Caroline doesn’t mind. She said it is okay with her they do not speech to each other because she feels with time, the wounds will heal.

“The time will come for both of us to mend,” said Caroline.

Caroline Manzo’s Husband Never Cheated

In her first book, Let Me Tell You Something, Caroline Manzo implies that her husband of 29 years had an affair a long time ago but it turns out he never did. Well, he might have but no one knows.

Manzo told The View her husband could have cheated.They began dating when they were 18 and 19 so she thinks there was a time when he was unfaithful although he has never said he was and she has no proof he did anything wrong.

Basically, she said the chances are good that he cheated but who knows.

Jacqueline Laurita Gets Surprise I Love You from Son

Jacqueline Laurita had quite the surprise on the show this past episode. Her husband had been working with a therapist and their son to help the autistic boy speak and the first thing he ever said to his mother was “I love you.”

Laurita, who teared up on the show after watching the clip, said that moment gave her hope. It taught her to always believe in her son and to always believe he will defy all expectations of him.


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