The View: Raquel’s Weight Loss Story: Walking, Zumba & Steamed Veggies


The View: Weight Loss Stories

Weight loss is a topic that seems to always be on the minds of the public at large, and that is never more true than right before summertime. With people all over the country scrambling to cut a little weight before beach season gets into full swing, The View showed us a few weight loss stories about how the weight was gained, and most importantly, how the weight was lost. The View will be showing these stories throughout the week and started today with how Raquel managed to lose 60 pounds.

The View: Raquel's Weight Loss Story: Walking, Zumba & Steamed Veggies

The View had weight loss tips, tricks and hints for the upcoming summer season.


Dieting Your Way To Weight Loss

Viewer Raquel dropped 60 pounds in an astonishing 11 months, going from 220 pounds down to 160. So, how did Raquel get to the size she was? Being of Jamaican descent, she has an affinity for jerk pork, friend food and dumplings that she allowed to get the best of her. “I ate it all,” she said.

To lose the weight, she cut out fatty foods and carbohydrates entirely and substituted those foods for a lot of steamed vegetables, fish, chicken and a lot of juicing. As you can guess, it took a lot of discipline, too.

Incorporating Exercise Into Your Diet

She also walked for 30 minutes three days a week on her treadmill, and during her lunch breaks at work, so the diet can’t take all the credit for the weight loss. She is now at her goal weight and working on toning and trimming with her trainer down in Florida. Raquel also revealed a love for Zumba, the most recent fitness industry trend that makes exercising a little more fun for those that are easily bored at the gym. She also gets her children involved.



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