The View: Peter Billingsley & A Christmas Story: The Musical Performs


The View: Peter Billingsley

Even though he has been busy producing movies like Iron Man. He even directed Couples Retreat. But he’s still best known as the little boy from A Christmas Story. Good thing he’s embracing that role rather than running away from it. He joined The View co-hosts to talk about A Christmas Story: The Musical on Broadway.

The movie version came out in 1983 to mediocre reviews. “Films didn’t have much of a shelf life,” Peter recalled. But it built up into a cult classic that now airs around the clock during the holidays, with a 24-hour TBS marathon during Christmas.


The View: A Christmas Story Behind The Scenes

The View: Peter Billingsley & A Christmas Story: The Musical Performs

The View welcomed Peter Billingsley to talk about producing A Christmas Story: The Musical and reminisce about the role that made him a child star. (Helga Esteb /

Peter Billingsley said he identified with the character of Ralphie and would conspire to get his way. He once wanted a metal detector to search for buried treasure. A Christmas Story did not have a big budget, and they worked with the city of Cleveland to keep the Christmas lights up after the holidays to save money.

The producers behind the movie had tried for 12 years to put this film together, and Peter recalled it was nice to be a part of such a committed cast and crew working to pull it off.


The View: A Christmas Story: The Musical On Broadway

Peter is one of the producers of A Christmas Story: The Musical on Broadway, and he said the source material lent itself very well to a stage adaptation. Fantasy sequences became musical numbers, and Peter was thrilled to be involved behind the scenes.

The child stars in the Broadway version are the same age now that Peter was in 1983.

The View: A Christmas Story: The Musical Performance

A Christmas Story: The Musical opened to positive reviews on Broadway. The co-hosts welcomed the cast to their stage to perform a song from the musical.

Peter wasn’t just being polite about the kids starring in this musical. They can really carry a tune and this seems like it might be a promising adaptation. If you’re in the New York area, you can catch it at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre.

If you want to check out the music from the show, there is also A Christmas Story Broadway soundtrack. Check out their performance from The View.


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