The View: Paul Anka My Way Memoir, Frank Sinatra & Elizabeth Taylor


The View: Paul Anka

Paul Anka has been through every stage of fame in America. His new memoir, My Way, tells the whole story of his long and influential life in entertainment. He visited The View to a warm reception and walked out to the song “My Way,” which he wrote for Frank Sinatra.

The View: Paul Anka & Frank Sinatra

The View: Paul Anka My Way Memoir, Frank Sinatra & Elizabeth Taylor

The man behind some of the most popular songs of all time, Paul Anka, was a guest on The View to tell stories from his life and career memoir, My Way. (s_bukley /


Paul Anka said that Frank Sinatra was “the greatest entertainer and interpreter of songs this country has ever given birth to.” He explained that he became friendly with the Rat Pack and eventually went to dinner with Sinatra.

Anka found out that Sinatra was preparing to retire from show business after one more album. That’s what inspired Anka to write the song “My Way,” which quickly became an American standard.

He said that Sinatra lived three lives’ worth of adventures, and that Vegas today is much more dangerous than it was in the good old days.


The View: Paul Anka & Annette Funicello

Paul Anka was supposed to have been on the plane that crashed and killed Buddy Holly. Anka said that the music community was tight-knit, and they preferred flying instead of taking buses.

More recently, Annette Funicello passed away, and Anka explained in his memoir that the two had a special relationship. They had to sneak away to get alone time together.

The View: Paul Anka Joyride

Anka was into music at a very young age, and as a teenager he “borrowed” his mother’s car to get to a gig. He wanted to perform in an amateur contest so he could invest the money in music lessons.

Though he won $20 in the contest, he had trouble getting home driving in a snowstorm at age 14. “The piston rod went right through the hood of the car,” he said.

He pulled off the road and did not know what to do. Finally, police arrived to help him make it home. He landed in juvenile court, and he said the lesson he learned was never to drive a stick shift.

The View: Paul Anka & Elizabeth Taylor

Paul Anka met Elizabeth Taylor while he was writing “She’s A Lady” for Tom Jones. They had an awkward chance encounter at a hotel, and neither of them knew what to say in the moment.

You can read more about Anka’s remarkable life and career in his new memoir, My Way, on sale now.


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