The View: Olympia Snowe Fighting For Common Ground & Bipartisanship


The View: Olympia Snowe Fighting For Common Ground Review

Last year, Olympia Snowe walked away from Congress after 40 years of experience because she came to the conclusion that the politics were becoming a larger focus than the policy – the most important part. It’s one thing to debate, she said, but she said that it had gone away from finding solutions and devolved into petty arguing. The President and the Congress just can’t get on the same page, and it is the fault of both parties that they have not been able to step away from the politics and really work on finding solutions to help the country. The future of the country should come ahead of the interests of any single political party, she said.

Olympia Snowe Leaves Congress

The View: Olympia Snowe Fighting For Common Ground & Bipartisanship

Olympia Snowe talked about her new book, Fighting For Common Ground, and the struggles in Congress.


Olympia Snowe really left to take the fight to the outside and use her voice of authority to let the people know that they can make a change. Olympia mentioned a group that she had recently become a part of, The Bipartisan Policy Center, a group that was founded by four former majority leaders – two democrats and two republicans – to channel frustrations and do something about the polarization of our government. They can rally in real time and put a premium on bipartisanship and demand it from our officials.

Olympia Snowe On Gun Laws

Most of the country is behind enacting gun laws to take care of certain issues pertaining to firearms, and the government can’t seem to mobilize to do anything about any of them. Though 90 percent of people supported it, the 10 percent that did not were much louder. Olympia Snowe used this as an example to tell the people to not underestimate their voices. Make sure your voices are heard – call your government offices, email them and do everything you can to get your voice heard.

Olympia Snowe: Being a Moderate Republican Is Like Being On Survivor

Olympia Snowe is a moderate Republican, and she said that being one has kind of been like being on the cast of Survivor. Snowe said that the Republicans take a lot of issues with moderates sitting on their side of the fence. Olympia does not agree with this train of thought, saying that there needs to be moderates in any political party.


Olympia Snowe’s Tragic Past

Both of Olympia’s parents died before she was 10 and she lost her first husband husband in a tragic car accident. What philosophy does she live by to help her continue on? Olympia said she had two routes she could take in the wake of all the tragedy. She could take the negative route and make it worse, or take the positive route and make things better. She picked the second option, and that was ultimately what helped her move forward. She also had lots of family and friends to help her make it through the trying times she experienced.

The View: Jewel Performs “Ring Of Fire”

Jewel will be playing the legendary June Carter Cash in the upcoming movie, Ring of Fire. At the end of the show, she performed one of Johnny Cash’s classics, “Ring of Fire,” which June Carter Cash was actually a co-writer for, along with Merle Kilgore. 

Though no one could ever replace Johnny Cash on “Ring of Fire,” Jewel did a serviceable job. Rather than going with some overblown vocal performance like a contestant on The Voice, she focused instead on putting some genuine emotion into her vocals, portraying the part of someone falling deeply in love and experiencing the pain that comes with it. With nothing but an acoustic guitar and expressive vocals, Jewel most definitely put on a great performance.


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